Help us make care fair for all families

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DIAL-AN-ANGEL is proud to be working as part of an alliance called Make Care Fair in an attempt to obtain tax deductibility for in-home childcare for all working families.

It is something we are passionate about. We know the difficulties and costs associated with organising childcare with after tax dollars. We hear from clients every day how unfair it is that they cannot obtain any rebate or tax deduction for their in-home care.

All families are urged to sign the petition at www.makecarefair.com.au so that politicians can see the level of engagement and respond. The aim is to make the Government reform childcare policies, and extend the tax breaks.

So please, we urge you, sign the petition, forward this information to everyone you know, visit our Facebook page and share it with friends. You can follow the campaign in real time at Twitter.

Every signature counts! 

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