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Spring Steamed Artichokes
3 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning
5 Not-to-be-Missed Cleaning Chores
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Spring Steamed Artichokes

Trim and halve 2 medium sized artichokes. Season with salt; place cut-side down
in a bowl with some lemon wedges and thyme sprigs.

Pour in 1/3 cup each dry white wine and olive oil; cover and microwave 20 minutes.

Mix some of the cooking liquid with mayonnaise for a dipping sauce.

3 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

1) Have a schedule. Know that spring cleaning does not happen overnight. Plan
out a few weekends and decide which rooms you will tackle each day.

2) Have Tools at the Ready. Nothing is more frustrating than being mentally
ready for a cleaning session, only realize you need to go to the store for supplies.
Next to your cleaning schedule, write down the tools and cleaning solutions you
will need for each day's work.

3) One at a time, please. Although cleaning and organizing can be rather uninteresting
, resist the urge to jump from one project to another. The result is a lot of exerted
energy without a completed area when you run out of cleaning steam. Stay focused
in one room until you are happy with your efforts.

Issue 33

Spring 2011

Dear ,

It's time to say goodbye to the winter blahs and hello to the refreshing feel of
spring. The first day of spring in the U.S. in this year is March 20 on the day
the vernal equinox occurs. This is when the sun "sits" directly above the equator.
Not only does the equinox give us 24 hours of equal night and day, but it also gives
our planet a sense of reawakening.

To help you re-awaken to springtime, your friends here at Brightside Cleaning have
some great tips for cooking, cleaning, organizing and even how to protect our beautiful
marine life.

We wish you the happiest of seasons!

5 Not-to-be-Missed Spring Cleaning Chores

Spring cleaning digs deeper than your regular cleaning routine. It's a process
of intense cleaning and organizing, giving your home a fresh new feel. You know
your friends at Brightside Cleaning would be happy to help you with those deep
cleaning chores. Here are a few other spring cleaning projects that will make your
house shine.

1) Store Seasonal Clothing

It's time to replace bulky wintery clothing with its lighter counterparts.Fill a
bin with hats, gloves and scarves, and then tuck it away in a memorable spot until
next fall. This is the ideal time to toss items that are worn out, no longer fit
or have not been worn in the last year. Be tough! If you know now you will never
wear it again, don't stuff it back into the closet, taking up precious storage space.

2) Check Appliances

This is one of the less glamorous but very important spring cleaning chores. For
the refrigerator, vacuum the coils and clean the drain pan.Dryer vents should be
cleaned of lint build-up. Check your dishwasher, washing machine and oven for wear-and-
tear as well.

3) Clean out Garage

The garage is not much fun to organize. Still, you will feel like a new person every
time you walk in and easily find what you need, be it a fishing pole or summer entertaining
dishware. Make sure you have a specific area for each category, such as camping
gear, tools, Christmas boxes, etc. And remember to use some organizational tools,
such as peg boards for tools, ceiling and wall hooks and stackable boxes.

4) Tidy Outside Areas

Take a fresh look at your outdoor setting. Does outdoor furniture need to be cleaned
or refinished? Is it time to clean out cluttered areas? Do you have old, broken
toys ready to be thrown out? Does your deck area need to be thoroughly swept and
moped? Write a to-do list and then start crossing things off this sheet. Enjoy
your clean yard with your friends and family this spring and summer.

5) Prepare Your Windows

It is wonderful to watch the sun stream through clean, clear windows. Don't forget
to clean the items that frame your view. Dust the blinds and then clean them with
a soapy solution. Launder any fabric window treatments. Lastly, spray those windows
with a classic solution of vinegar and water for a streak-free affect.

Conservation Corner: Dolphin Protection While Fishing

Well, spring is here, finally! With spring comes warmer weather and various outdoor
activities we all like to take part in. One of these favorite pastimes is fishing,
either deep sea or from your local pier. There is one large drawback to fishing
from either spots: the increase in dolphin and sea lion injuries and even deaths
from boat props and fishing gear. There are a few steps we can take to help prevent
these injuries and protect our local marine mammal population.

1. Do not feed the dolphins or sea lions. They develop a tendency to beg for food
which brings them closer to the boat props, etc. Remember, it's illegal.
2. Don't throw your old bait over board or off the pier. Either refreeze for a later
date or give it to another fellow angler.
3. When you see a school of dolphins close, just reel in your line for a few minutes
until they pass. Maybe they will give you a show ! And never cast towards a school,
rather move from the area.
4. Be sure to check your gear frequently for any tearing or breaks. Even a small
amount of fishing line when ingested can be fatal to a marine mammal.
5. Use corrodible (not stainless steel) and circle hooks. The corrodible will eventually
disintegrate, and the circular hooks are not as harmful to fish, sea turtles and
6. Recycle your fishing line in a Monofilament Fishing Recycling Bin (yes, there
is such a thing!)
7. Throw away all your trash in a closed trash bin.
8. Generally, stay at least 50 yards away from dolphins or sea lions. Let's all
do whatever we can to protect these wonderful creatures.
9. If you see anyone feeding or harassing wild dolphins or any other wild sea animals,
please report it to NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement at 1-800-853-1964.


At Brightside Cleaning Services we take pride in punctuality, dependability and
a job well done.

Call us today at (949) 645-7103.


Hollie Gilcrease
Brightside Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning Special Offer

Are you ready to celebrate spring with a cleaner, fresher, more organized house?
Then look no further. This month Brightside Cleaning is putting together an intense
Spring Cleaning package that will give your home a real make-over. Give us a call
today to find out the details!

Call us today!
(949) 645-7103.

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