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Super Summer Pesto
3 Natural Remedies for Sunburns
Summer Sanity Checklist
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Super Summer Pesto

3 cups packed basil leaves

3 cloves garlic

3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup pine nuts

Combine all ingredients into a food processor or blender. Blend into a smooth paste.

3 Natural Remedies for Sunburns

Ahhh the sun, we enjoy it but can often get too much of it. If you are looking for
a quick fix for a mild burn look no further than your kitchen for a natural soother.

Chilled, sliced cucumbers.

Whoever coined the term "cool as a cucumber" may have been talking about relieving
their sunburn. Lay slices of this cool refreshing vegetable directly on the burned

Apply ice pack. Directly applying ice to a burn can be especially painful. Instead
wrap the ice in a bag

Vinegar Bath.

A natural remedy for years, take a bath with one cup of white cider vinegar to treat
your skin.

Issue 34

Summer 2011

Dear ,

The warm feel of sunshine on your arms, the taste of a creamy ice cone, soft and
barely beginning to drip, the sound of children laughing in the distance, delighted
by the many days of freedom ahead....these are the sensations of summer.

At Brightside Cleaning we have a few cleaning short-cuts for you so that you can
spend just a few more minutes in the hammock enjoying the fresh breeze.

We hope you have a delightful summer!

Summer Sanity Checklist

It's summertime! You want to relax with family and friends and enjoy, not stress
out about chores. To systematically take care of your outdoors, we suggest you think
of yard in terms of "areas." Here is a handy list of things to take care of in each
area now, so you don't have to worry later.

Areas for Dining

* Make sure you have enough propane or charcoal for impromptu barbeques.

* Scrub the deck and driveway.

* Clean the grill. For a green way to remove burnt food from the grill, sprinkle
with baking soda, then soak. After several hours, the charred pieces will come
loose easily.

* Wipe down your patio furniture.

* Purchase or pull out of storage your reusable plastic cups, plates, serving trays
and pouring pitchers and put them in an easily accessible cabinet.

Areas for Playing

* Hose down their outdoor play sets.

* Inspect and adjust outdoor play sets for safety.

* Designate a covered container for any outdoor kids' toys so that they can be kept

* Inspect the sandbox area for broken or cracked toys that could cause scrapes.
And don't forget to cover the sandbox with a lid or tarp when not in use.

Areas for Planting

* Inspect your yard and garden for carpenter ants or termites.

* Keep the garden tools in order. Consider organizing all small tools and garden
gloves in sturdy carrier.

* Re-pot planters to add color to your deck area.

* Consider putting up decorative fencing around any fragile or new plantings to
protect them. One natural fence idea is to re use your apple tree cuttings by erecting
them in the ground in a criss-cross pattern to make a "fence".

Conservation Corner: Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!

But, there are actually more good bugs than bad. A few of the good include Lady
Bugs, parasitic Wasps, and Green Lacewigs.

I have seen these around the yard, and never knew for sure if they were bad or good,
but they were so pretty, I never killed one! Now I am so glad! Next time I see one
I will catch it and give it a treat on some aphid infested flower. Oh yeah, don't
forget the beautiful Dragonfly.

Remember, good bug eat bad bugs...fact of life. Now the trick is to identify good
vs bad. Once you find that out, (greendaily.com) there are plenty of non-toxic solutions
to help with their safe eradication.

Here is an all purpose bug spray:

* Two tablespoons of liquid hot pepper or cayenne
* Few drops of liquid dish soap
* Water
* Spray 2 qt spray bottle

Let this solution stand for 24 hours, shake it and spray. There are a couple of
other variations. Try substituting garlic for the cayenne. This will need to be
strained first. You can also plant some of your favorite herbs that act as a natural
repellant. Bugs don't like the smell, so scatter them throughout your flower garden.
Keep a healthy garden, and have a great time this summer!

At Brightside Cleaning Services we take pride in punctuality, dependability and
a job well done.

Call us today at (949) 645-7103.


Hollie Gilcrease
Brightside Cleaning Service

It's Our Go-Ahead-and-Spend-More-Time-at-the-Beach Summer Special

The title of our summer coupon says it all! Mention this coupon to us at least
24 hours before your next cleaning and we will spend an EXTRA 15 minutes tidying
your home at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

Why? Because we appreciate your business, we want you to enjoy these rich summer
months, and we KNOW the beach is beckoning! Give us a call today to find out the

Call us today!
(949) 645-7103.

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