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The 1000 Calorie Challenge Preview

By Miles Ellington

If quick results with combined workouts appeals to you then this program has plenty to offer. The 1000 Calorie Challenge is a diet and exercise program created by top-level, fat loss experts Arnel Ricafranca and Joel Marion. Joel is well-known in the fitness world and is rated amongst the best fitness and nutritional experts in the USA. Joel and around 30 of his clients were used as guinea pigs to test the efficiency of the program before public release. Each were strapped to advanced calorie/heart rate monitors and after each workout consistently read out 1000+ KCals.

The 1000 Calorie Challenge's name title is so-called; because the program teaches you how to do workouts 3 times a week and perform eating habits that burns 1000 calories. The program includes an initial build up stage and guides you towards more intensive workouts, until you can burn 1000 calories per session. These workouts tend to have an after burn effect, allowing your metabolism to remain at peak level longer, so you will still be burning calories hours after your session has finished.

The program includes a detailed eating plan with some essential low-calorie days; this is designed to balance your calorie levels when you increase your calorie intake on the scheduled alternate days. You need the high calorie days for extra energy during workouts and low-calorie days to help burn more fat. This combination and scheduling of diet and workouts, gives this program its most effectiveness and provides efficient continual reduction of excess body fat.

The 1000 Calorie Challenge workouts involve circuits, which consists of strength exercises without rest in between. Each workout works various muscle groups, giving you an all over body workout. There is nothing shy about this program, the workouts are intensive, but the rewards are great for those who are willing to put in the hard work. The programs main focus is super fast weight loss. The whole dietary process and exercise system is geared towards safe but rapid weight loss.

This is not a diet and exercise program for the faint-hearted. You will have to be dedicated and mentally prepared for the challenge that this program presents. Getting that almost instant lean and toned look will require some hard work on your part, but well worth the effort. If you are willing to commit to a few weeks of solid dietary training, then this is definitely the program for you. If you are looking for instant results through challenging workouts, take the 1000 Calorie Challenge.


1000 Calorie Challenge

By Max Born

The 1000 Calorie Challenge is a popular weight loss challenge based on a system designed by Arnel Ricafranca.

Aim of the Challenge

The aim of the 1000 Calorie Challenge is to lose five pounds of body fat per week. Specifically, the aim is to achieve this fat loss without losing muscle.

One Pound of Fat = 3500 Calories

If you want to burn one pound of pure fat this week, then you need to burn 3500 calories. Losing weight fast ultimately comes down to a numbers game. The 1000 Calorie Challenge is based on mathematics, and comes down to these three core principles:

1. 1000 Calorie Workouts

The Challenge emphasizes building up to the point where you are able to complete a 1000 Calorie Burning Workout. This happens as a progression, starting at a 300-, 400-, or 500- calorie workout, depending on your existing fitness level.

Ordinarily, it is pretty hard to burn 1000 calories in one workout. That's why the creators of the Challenge get you to employ R-Quattro technology combined with S2 technology, which are fancy terms for hitting your muscles in four unique ways using a progressive system.

2. 1000 Calorie Diet Days

Rather than being on a permanent diet, the Challenge requires you to take three days out of your week where you follow a strict 1000 calorie diet.

On the remaining four days, you eat as normal. The reason most diets fail is two-fold. First, being permanently on a diet saps your motivation. So having rest-days is important for your diet, not just for your workouts. Secondly, normal diets fail because they rely on you cooking a number of new recipes that you are just not familiar with. The extra effort and energy required to read and prepare these new menus is the hidden reason why almost all diets fail.

Think of the 1000 Calorie Diet is a one-day-on, one-day-off kind of diet. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this article, doing this is also "metabolically optimal". Just take our word on this. For you, it simply means you drop fat more readily than you drop muscle when losing weight.

3. The Metabolic Afterburn

The 1000 Calorie Challenge is based on the principles of metabolically-taxing resistance training, not long, boring cardio workouts.

This type of training has been proven to burn nine times the fat of traditional cardio exercise. The reason? Your metabolism is raised for 48-72 hours AFTER you finish your workout (compared to about 90 minutes for a cardio workout).

The aim is therefore to burn 1000 additional calories after you finish your workout.

When you combine the three, you can begin to see why the 1000 calorie challenge has become so popular.


1000 Calorie Challenge Review - How To Burn Body Fat With This System?

By Patricia Rose

Do you wish to learn how to burn body fat with this 1000 Calorie Challenge system? This new fat loss program is developed by 2 highly experienced fitness trainers, Arnel Ricafranca and Joel Marion. It is designed for anyone who wishes to lose weight in the fastest possible time without having to starve through it.

However, it does require effort on the part of its user and is certainly not an overnight miracle. It is named this way due to its promise that it can burn away 1,000 calories on every workout that it introduces. So far, this new system has created a lot of discussion and buzz in the fitness industry, but does it really live up to its claims?

1. How Exactly Does The 1000 Calorie Challenge Method Work?

Basically, this program combines strategic eating methods with intensive workout sessions that have been proven to work very effectively for burning fat naturally in the fastest manner. The program has also been proven to work for both men and women, and both will be able to follow the unique diets and workout programs outlined by the two fitness experts.

2. What Can You Ultimately Expect To Achieve with 1000 Calorie Challenge?

Besides the fact that you will be losing weight and body fat, you can also expect your overall body health and fitness to improve while also making your body look more appealing. The calories that you will burn from the exercises will be much more than the calories that you take into your body, creating what is otherwise known as a calorie deficit. This is repeated regularly at strategic times which will ultimately allow you to burn the amount of calories that you are aiming for.

3. How is the 1000 Calorie Challenge Different From Other Fat Loss Systems?

Most other fat loss programs will actually cause an after-burn effect after intense exercise, something which this program successfully eliminates while still being able to achieve calorie burning.


Fat Loss 4 Idiots Vs 1000 Calorie Challenge

By John Davenport

In this article, I'd like to review and compare two very different weight loss plans: Fat Loss 4 Idiots and the 1000 Calorie Challenge program. I hope that, by reading this review, you'll be able to come to the right conclusion about which of these two plans is right for you...


There is little doubt that Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the simpler program. All you need to do while on this plan is to follow a menu that you generate through a simple to use software that comes with the diet. Once you have the menu, all you do is just eat according to it. The 1000 Calorie Challenge is not as simple as the eating plan is more complex and you do need to pay closer attention to your total calorie intake while on it.

Fitness and exercise

You will need to spend more time and workout harder while on the 1000 Calorie Challenge as it includes 3 workouts each week which are designed to get you to burn 1000 calories or more each. With FL4I, it is recommended that you do 30 minutes of moderate exercise. The focus of the program is on the nutrition plan alone.

Cheat Days

Both programs employ Cheat Days to help you stick to the plan and as a way to get you to keep your metabolism higher. With FL4I you get 3 Cheat Days every 11 days. With the 1000 Calorie Challenge you get a weekly cheat day. Bear in mind that it's up to you to not overeat on the Cheat Days. Just enjoy your favorite foods without overdoing anything.


One of the biggest disadvantages of FL4I is that it has support system. The diet is known for its simplicity so this may not be necessary. However, it is always a good thing to have some support system available. Arnel Ricafranca, the creator of the 1000 Calorie Challenge is offering a support system for clients of his course. You'll be able to ask questions and get answers to any issues that arise.

Muscle toning

To tone your muscles you have to train which is why FL4I may not be the best program for you. Exercise is not really a part of that program. However, you can use the workouts in the 1000 Calorie Challenge to improve your muscle tone, get lean, and build strength.

Decide which of these plans is for you and get started with it right away.


The 1000 Calorie Challenge

By Christian Cameron
Expert Author Christian Cameron

The first thing The 1000 Calorie Challenge is very clear about is the fact that it is not a quick fix, no effort weight loss program. It requires a choice to be made by any person wanting to use the program and that choice entails the will to put in effort and be dedicated. However it does not require a certain level of fitness to start so any person from any age can start with the program. This weight loss system uses a very simple principle namely if more calories get burned than a person consumes fat must be burned.

The 1000 Calorie Challenge weight loss program uses two very unique systems which enables the quick lasting results the program claims to deliver. The first system works by manipulating the Reps (number of repetitions), Resistance (the load used for each workout), Rest (the length of the rest period between workouts) and Rounds (the number of times a workout is completed) to achieve quick results. The second system is based on progressing from standard sets through tri sets to the ultimate insane circuit.

Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca are the creators of The 1000 Calorie Challenge. Between them it's claimed they hold degrees in health, nutrition and exercise science and trained thousands of clients over many years. It must be mentioned that this weight loss program does definitely not require a person to go on a crash course starvation diet as it is a well known fact that this type of diet does not work at all. Instead the program uses calorie burning workouts together with a unique calorie burning diet. Included in the package is a free exercise video database that shows and leads a person through every exercise as well as a resistance band version of all the workouts. The complete system consists of ten components and claims to have been tested on more than thirty people to serve as prove that the product actually works.

(c) Reviewed Best 2009 - 2010

The 1000 Calorie Challenge Review - Is This The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution?

By Aaron Krishna

1000 calorie challenge is a powerful new diet and exercise program, ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight. Developed by fat loss experts Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca, it guarantees fast and effective weight loss. So, what makes this program different from all the other programs out there? More importantly, can it work for you?

Well, firstly Joel is very well known and is rated among the best fitness and nutritional experts in the US, So you can be assured of a top notch product. Furthermore Joe and Arnel have helped thousands of people enhance their physiques. The program is well founded and featured on Fox News, Womens Day, Men's Fitness, Oxygen, Lifescript and other media outlets. Secondly the goal of the 1000 calorie challenge is to get you to shed body fat fast with intensive fat burning workouts and a special eating plan. The program utilizes low 1000 calorie diet days with high fat burning 1000 calorie workouts. The secret is the R-quattro progression system, which simply means cutting edge training that takes you from burning minimal calories to over one thousand calories in as little as four weeks. Perfect for beginners!

The strategic matching of training and nutrition helps to create a big calorie deficit. What this means is that more calories are burned than calories taken in, thus helping you to shed your fat quickly. The 1000 calorie challenge also enhances your metabolism. In fact, it is the only program that increases your metabolism as you lose weight and burn the fat. Burn as much as 1000 calories within an hour.

One thing you got to love is the fact that you don't have to starve. There is even a built in cheat day on which you can literally go crazy. The special eating plan only requires three days of healthy eating, while allowing you to eat whatever you desire on other days. This includes normal diet no-no's like ice cream and pizza. I certainly think the idea of cheating your way thin is a great psychological motivator as well as keeping you focused on completing the program.

A word of warning though, this program requires you to work your butt off. I mean being able to burn 1000 calories in a workout is no mean feat. This is certainly not a quick fix but can work for anyone because its incremental. Just remember that this is a program you need to follow carefully to get results. However if you're committed and prepared to work hard then get ready to lose up to five pounds of pure fat every week.

There are no long drawn out training sessions and no fancy equipment is needed. You can do this in the comfort of your home and also not have to worry about 'afterburn affect', normally caused by intense exercise. I like the fact that the 1000 calorie challenge comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Joel and Arnel are so sure of their product that they promise to refund your money if you are not satisfied with your results.

If you want to lose the fat quickly and keep it off, then 1000 calorie challenge is the best choice. But remember it will only work if you are willing to put in the work yourself.


The 1000 Calorie Challenge - Is It Possible to Drop 7lbs in a Week With This Program?

By Emil Akers
Expert Author Emil Akers

The 1000 Calorie Challenge System is a very effective fat loss technique that can burn more than 1000 calories for every workout session. Unlike other weight loss techniques, this requires you to diet only for three days of a week and yet helps you to constantly lose up to five pounds or more of fat week after week. The technique is carefully phased and in less than four weeks a beginner burning out 30 calories per day can move to burning 1000 calories of unnecessary body fat. As a matter of fact, the 1000 calorie has been measured for an "average" sized individual. People who weigh more than an "average" sized individual will end up burning more than 1000 calories.

This program essentially depends on two strategies namely the R-Quattro™ and S2 Progression. The R-Quattro™ is a patent pending technology that manipulates four training variables so as to help in progressively tackling overload from four different angles. These variables are Reps, Resistance, Rest and Rounds. The Reps is the number of repetitions that are preformed for each of the suggested exercise, the resistance helps in deciding the load for each exercise. The other two variables, Rest and Rounds, manipulate the length of the rest periods and the number of times a circuit of exercises is completed. The S2 Progression helps in achieving a synergistic fat loss effect.

These two strategies are complimented by the "ANOTHER 1,000 Calorie AFTERBURN" and "1,000 Calorie Diet Days" making it easy to lose 7 pounds of excess weight in just one week. Anyone trying to shed unnecessary body fat should definitely try this product. If you are worried about not having a trained body, this program has a solution for your concern. There are two phases of workouts that are available. Phase 1 for beginners and Phase 2 for people with trained bodies. The phase 1 set of exercises help you gradually progress from 300 calorie burnout to 1000 calorie burn out in just few short weeks. For more trained and experienced people, phase 2 has workouts that immediately help you burn more than 100 calories after every workout session thus making it very simple to lose more than 7 pounds in a week.


Gain Muscle Mass Fast With 1000 Rep Muscle Challenge

By Alvaro Buckley

Every boy wants that kind of body that girls will fall for and boys will envy. Being lean is not the trend anymore. Every boy wants to look big and buff. With the right workout regime it is easy and fast to get the body you desire. Building muscle mass does take time but when the desired results are achieved, doing the workout everyday becomes a piece of cake. Following the wrong workout system will prove to be harmful and every time it is done it will damage the internal working of your body.

Building muscle mass requires thorough analysis of the body. Once the alignment, internal and external parts are analyzed it becomes easy to choose the right exercise for getting a nice and buff body. It is very essential to get the body properly aligned so that there are no problems in the future. There are many gyms and fitness and wellness centers that have been opened to make this job easy for you. In these gyms one can get a private trainer for this purpose and these personal trainers make sure that the workouts are being done properly every day or every alternate day.

If one doesn't have the time to go to the gym all the time he can always buy the necessary equipments and do the workouts at home. there are many websites on the internet that can guide you throughout the process. One of the best way to build muscle mass within a few months is 1000 rep muscle. 1000 rep muscle doesn't mean you have to do 1000 reps every day, it just means that it has to be done in a week's time. There are several websites that will give you the required information on this workout system. There are even video that one can view online and follow accordingly.

Lifting heavy weights is always helpful. But one must know how much weight he is supposed to carry and how many reps are required, because over working the body will make you look too buff. Eating the right diet so that you get enough calories is imperative. The body normally needs 1000-1500 calories a day and if food intake is proper and is done on the right time it can enhance the growth of muscles.

Proper passion and dedication is required because if the workout is left half way you may end up gaining more weight and this will make you look fat. If a proper workout and diet is taken up you will get the desired results faster than you would have thought.


How to Lose More Fat in Less Time

By Craig Ballantyne
Expert Author Craig Ballantyne

The secrets to achieving the lean athletic physique that you've always wanted are held by top trainers. Most people, on the other hand, waste a lot of time in the gym. Strength coaches, such as Alwyn Cosgrove know there is a better way. Alwyn is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a writer for Men's Health and Men's Fitness magazines. He's trained champions in multiple 12-week body transformation contests and he owns and operates a training facility in Santa Clarita, California. Today, I'm interviewing Alwyn to help you lose more fat in less time.

CB: Hi Alwyn. What is your general approach to helping people lose fat?

The basic concept for any fat loss program is to burn as many calories as possible and maintain or increase lean tissue (which is what burns the calories in the first place). Regardless of how many calories you burn in training - once you lose lean tissue (a typical problem) you burn less calories overall - so your focus has to be on burning calories while trying to offset that problem.

A study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition (8(3): 213-222, 1998) showed that 5 days a week of 45 min aerobic training for 12 weeks had no effect on body composition over dieting alone. Obviously even at these high levels of activity there is still a problem.

CB: Where do you start working with an overweight person?

With a full lifestyle and structural evaluation. Typically the overweight person has so little structural integrity that a resistance training program to target their weaknesses and imbalances is my first approach. By manipulating rest periods I can always get a cardio workout without the overuse injuries that often occur in the untrained.

Research (Jones et al., Sports Med. 18(3): 202-214, 1994) has shown that the intensity required by the average sedentary person trying to improve their cardiovascular system will likely create an excessive structural overload - in fact in this study there was a 50-90% injury rate in the initial six weeks of training.

It's interesting that the typical program for an overweight person is usually 1000's of reps (i.e. aerobics) which will cause more problems. A superior system would be to target the muscular system and control set duration and rest periods in order to create the same metabolic and cardiovascular demand.

CB: What type of questions and lifestyle review do you do with overweight clients? Are there any common factors among overweight clients?

Primarily we see people with more structural weaknesses - it's their ability to move their body that is the biggest problem - not just their ability to transport oxygen! So we need to begin with a full body strength and stability program.

Trying to address purely the cardio system is like trying to put in a new engine in a car while the front end is still out of alignment. We can increase engine "output" by working on alignment first.

Common factors: structural weaknesses, flexibility issues (i.e. they would be unable to walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes continuously), lack of nutrition (funnily enough we see overweight, almost malnourished people all the time).

CB: What physical concerns do you have to be careful of when working with overweight clients and how do you take these into account?

Typically the biggest physical concern is that they are overweight and reconditioned. That's a big enough problem right there.

But it's not just overweight clients - it's EVERYONE! Every client is different and presents different challenges - the one size fits all cookie cutter approach is long gone.

Everyone should have a full evaluation performed by a qualified professional. Any serious health and medical issues should be cleared by a medical professional first.

Most trainers have a program in mind when someone walks in the gym. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do until I see the client and evaluate them. If you're not assessing - you're just guessing!

CB: So for beginners, a good nutrition program is possibly the most powerful factor?

Obviously a nutrition program is vital - you must create a caloric deficit through a combined exercise and nutrition approach.

So the key for the fat loss programs we use is exactly that - how can we force the body to burn as many calories as possible, and continue to burn them between workouts. The idea is to demand as much work from the body as possible - and maintain that caloric burn for as long as possible (by EPOC, increasing LBM etc).

Now the ONLY reason the body burns calories is because the muscle tissue is working. It doesn't matter what activity you are involved in - aerobics or weight training - its muscular demand that determines caloric burn. So you have to begin with that in mind.

Let's think about this:

You can run a mile in ten minutes.

You can swim a mile in twenty minutes.

After a year of swimming every day and not running - you can now swim a mile in 16 minutes.

Without running - how much has your running improved? Very little.

Why? We only have ONE cardiovascular system - so why doesn't improving your swimming (and cardio system) automatically improve your running?

Because the ONLY reason your cardio system was involved in the first place was because of demand from your muscular system. So you adapted to the SPECIFIC MUSCULAR demands of swimming which by default then involves the cardiovascular system - it's not the other way around as most people think. The muscles don't move because of cardiovascular demand - the cardio system is elevated because of muscular demand.

CB: What's the takeaway message?

Hopefully the readers can understand - that we need to program the body based on the movements it's going to perform - not based on the cardiovascular system. That's an upside down method.

CB: So what methods work for fat loss? What methods are ineffective or inefficient for fat loss?

Circuit weight training and interval training always work. Steady state aerobic work never works long term in the real world. Now for those of you out there who will no doubt get caught up talking about health, cardiac heart disease, cholesterol etc - I'm not arguing with you. Craig has asked about fat loss and that's all I'm addressing.

However - for fat loss, the research is unequivocal - high intensity work is superior.

I think the problem is this:

Aerobic training by nature is lower intensity. At some point you get so good at it that it just doesn't burn as many calories, and in effect, you are burning fewer calories than you used to for the same time investment. So what do you do? Go for longer and inevitably run into the same problem? Or increase the intensity? Increasing the intensity is the obvious answer.

CB: You have commented that aerobics were useless for fat loss. This caused a lot of controversy. What did you mean?

I'm sure you'll agree Craig that it only seemed to cause controversy with people who don't do this for a living. Most of the good practitioners in this area didn't even blink. It's not controversial at all in terms of fat loss and I'm getting bored going over it.

I don't think anyone who has trained themselves or anyone else has ever seen low intensity cardio to be a very effective fat loss tool. The loss in lean mass that is typical in most weight loss programs needs to be offset - and steady state aerobic training (despite it's plentiful health benefits) only adds to that problem.

So let me expand on what I meant:

When I said "Aerobics are useless for fat loss" what I meant was "aerobics are useless for fat loss". Is that clearer?

Ok - to be less antagonistic, let's just say that aerobic training for fat loss is the most overrated and overemphasized method in use today. It's completely outdated as a fat loss modality.

Here's a quote from Paul Chek:

"First of all, lifting weights in the intensity zone of 8-12 reps coupled with short rest periods has been shown beneficial for releasing the androgenic hormone testosterone and growth hormone. These important hormones encourage development of lean muscle mass, which is a metabolically active tissue consuming calories 24 hours a day. Fat, on the other hand is just along for the ride! Aerobic exercise has been linked with the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which is antagonistic to the development of lean muscle mass. Cortisol also promotes conservation of glucose and encourages the use of fat. This might sound good on the surface, but you also become as efficient as a Honda Civic running for 80 kilometers on one gallon of gas. Then you are just like those people going for hours at a time on machines, only to utilize miniscule amounts of fat!"

The efficiency argument is interesting. Does weight training build muscle? No. It breaks down muscle and the body ADAPTS by building more muscle. So in aerobic training - when we "Encourage the use of fat" - do we force that same body to adapt by storing more fat? Interesting...guys like Poliquin, Chek, Jim Liston, Eric Serrano, etc., etc., all seem to think so. And most of the spinning and aerobic instructors at the local gyms in my area who've hired me to get them lean can anecdotally tell you that the more aerobic training they do - the harder it is for them to lean out.

Seriously - there are thousands of overweight individuals each year who complete marathons. Now completing a marathon is damn impressive to me. However it shows that the aerobic fitness needed to complete a marathon doesn't have anything necessarily to do with creating a fat loss effect. So if you are capable of two to three hours of steady state running and still not be burning enough fat - we can either go to a higher intensity or you can try four hours of running. Any takers for the latter?

In terms of fat loss - calories burned are the most important factor. And aerobic training burns less calories than anaerobic training and weight training overall (besides doing very little to increase your metabolism -your body's calorie burning engine).

So if we accept that lean mass is a major factor in your fat burning engine - and aerobic training makes that engine smaller (i.e. less muscle) and more efficient at burning fat (remember more efficient means it burns LESS) - how can having a smaller more efficient fat burning machine burn more fat? It doesn't.

CB: So you are saying that cardio is the least important component?

I don't think I explained why I think cardio is the least important variable. So I've been trying to come up with a better statement as to "why" I do strength training prescription before I do aerobic prescription.

The basic systems of function that react together within the body are the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems, as supported by the cardiovascular system. (Ex: Running on a treadmill with over pronation syndrome will eventually cause injury and will therefore defeat the purpose of a fitness program).

5 Weapons for Fat Loss

By Benson Manento
Expert Author Benson Manento

When trying to lose fat you must first understand that managing your weight will not be an easy task. More likely it will be a fight! But, you need a support system, someone you can count on to help you stay on track if you expect to win this battle. The support you have can come from a fitness coach, your spouse, family member, friend, pastor or counselor someone who is reliable and can hold you accountable. Warning! This is not an easy fight, but if you're serious and ready to make a change you can win. So gird up your loins and prepare yourself mentally and physically and to win the battle against fat.

Weapon # 1 Caloric Intake

There are a few areas regarding caloric intake that we need to be concerned about when trying to combat fat loss. First, it is important to balance your diet with the proper percentages of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Doing so will maximize your energy and curb urges to overeat making fat loss more comfortable. Moreover, cutting too many carbohydrates from your diet will decrease your energy level. Even though people who cut carbohydrates may yield results, the chances for regaining the weight are high.

Before waging war against unwanted fat, it is essential to determine your maintenance caloric intake. Maintenance caloric intake is the amount of calories your body needs to keep its current proportions of fat, muscle and water. If you don't know how many

calories you are consuming to stay at your current weight, how can you expect to program weight loss? Obviously, to melt fat from your body you will need a caloric deficit. This means you must consume fewer calories than what your body is burning. You must be careful because drastic calorie reduction can be harmful and is not recommended. Once you know your maintenance caloric intake you can reduce your calories by 500 up to 1000 depending on your activity level, body type and gender. A reduction off 500 calories a day can guarantee a 1 lb per week weight loss. However, it is not recommended to lose more than 2 lbs per week. Remember if your energy level is too low, you need to increase your caloric intake by 3 to 500 calories.

Reducing calories creates the need for stored energy that will start the FAT BURNING ENVIRONMENT WITHIN YOUR BODY. However, creating a deficit does not automatically mean you body will use FAT as FUEL. Weapon #2 depicts how to make FAT more accessible than Muscle through mobilizing the fat in your body.

Weapon #2 Aerobic Exercise

You can side step and counter-punch fat by adding aerobic exercise or cardiovascular activity to your daily routine. Including this form of exercise will ignite three key processes in your body: MOBILIZING FAT FOR FUEL, BURNING CALORIES and DEPLETING NUTRIENTS.

There are numerous exercises that are considered aerobic including swimming, biking, and jogging. However, not all aerobic workouts require the same amount of energy expenditure. Shorter and more intense workout bouts allow you to burn more calories in less time whereas lower intensity exercises burn calories at a slower rate and do not challenge the body to become more efficient. For example, a person can expend up to 5 calories per minute while walking and up to 20 calories per minute while running despite the fact that both are considered aerobic. In addition, aerobic exercise alone IS NOT

SUFFICIENT to attain most weight loss goals. It is only one of many factors that must be incorporated into a successful fat loss plan.

Weapon #3 Nutrient Intake & Supplementation

Another essential component that will aid fat loss is complete nutrition. Achieving complete nutrition means feeding your body adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Exercise causes our body to utilize more nutrients and necessitates greater nutrient intake. For example, if your need for protein is not met because the exercise has increased your protein requirement, your body will steal amino acids from your muscles. As a result, your fat to lean body mass ratio as well as your
percentage of fat mass increase. A way we can avoid this is through taking a Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA's) along with an Omega 3 Fatty-acid.

An active person should take in at least 0.8-1.2 grams of complete protein per kilogram of body weight each day. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that carbohydrates make up about 65-75% of daily caloric intake. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, oats and barley should make up the majority of all carbohydrates included in your diet. These are the carbohydrates that take longer for your body to breakdown. Simple carbohydrates are the fast ones, like sodas, candies, etc. Additionally, an adequate vitamin intake is needed to maintain your metabolism. Vitamin B5, biotin and thiamine among others are needed to utilize carbohydrates and proteins as fuel. A good quality multi-vitamin is a great way to satisfy your body's vitamin and mineral requirements without adding to your daily caloric intake.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you are getting all of your nutrients while maintaining the FAT BURNING deficit we talked about earlier. Again, if you don't get these nutrients in your body, your body will get if from muscle and how much muscle do you want to lose? I assume none. This leads us to weapon # 4.

Weapon #4 Individualized Resistance Training

Give fat a stunning uppercut with your resistance training program. Muscle is your
FAT BURNING MACHINE! Just 1 lb of muscle, burns nearly 500 extra calories each week. That's half a pound every 3 weeks for each pound of muscle that you have! And, unless it has been more than 4 hours since your last meal, muscle is the only location in your body where fat is used. Resistance training, unlike aerobic exercise, builds the muscle that you need to burn fat. Therefore, in order to achieve your fat loss goals quickly, you need a program that includes resistance training. However, there is no "one size fits all program" that yields the same results for every person. Thus, if you are not starting to see results after 21 days you should re-examine your routine or consult a fitness professional to determine which component(s) of fat loss you are lacking - caloric intake, aerobic exercise, nutrient intake, resistance training, program manipulation.

Weapon #5: Make a Plan

Regardless of whether you commit to using circuit style training, total body exercises or volume training (weights may not be as heavy, more reps, using good form) as your exercise program, you must keep your heart rate at an accelerated rate. The program design should change every 3-7 weeks. The manipulation of your program allows you to burn more calories while attaining optimum muscle growth. Eliminate long rest periods through movement immediately from one exercise to the next and limit rest periods to less than 1 minute.

This article has equipped you with 5 weapons to help you conquer any fat loss battle. Each component are equally essential, however, they are not a quick fix for quick results. Instead, you should apply them as part of a permanent lifestyle change to develop a healthier, happier, more energized you!

Dedicated to you and your success!

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Sila Bank-in RM39 (Bayaran BOOKING) ke akaun "164025848519" Maybank ATAU akaun "7025890979" CIMB (bank lain sila guna Interbank crosstransfer)

ATAU sila transfer $13 melalui kad kredit/PayPal ( emel penerima : sfc.securities@yahoo.com )

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===================Tajuk/Title email di bahagian Subjek Email=================


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