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Jogging Your Way to a Fitter You

By Linda Farington

If you have been looking for a way to trim the waistline, then why not consider jogging? This is a great way for you to get out and enjoy an early morning or afternoon with the iPod, and it actually will offer you results in the old waist-trimming plan. Jogging is something that people have been doing for many years when it comes to exercise, and if you can actually dedicate yourself to jogging at least 3 times per week you will be quite surprised by the results. You will find that you are a leaner and healthier person after a few weeks of jogging, even if this means that you are starting out with short jogs to begin with.

Good Shoes

When it comes to jogging, you are going to want to be sure that you are using adequate shoes. Good shoes are critical when you run, as they are now designed to maximize not only comfort but foot and ankle stability as well. These shoes will help keep you from getting fatigued too quickly, and this will keep you running longer. If you are getting more running time due to the quality of your shoes, you will be killing those troublesome inches off of your waist faster. Jogging is an exercise that keeps you moving all the time, and when you are moving like this you are shedding a great many calories. When you run you will need to be sure that you are also wearing appropriate gear, as this will help keep you from either catching a chill or over heating depending on the temperature outside.

New Gadgets

There are all kinds of new gadgets that you can utilize when you are jogging today, and many of them will actually help you with your quest to get fit. Heart rate monitors are a big trend when jogging; as this monitors your heat and how many breathes you take on your run. This will allow you to watch what you are doing, and it will keep you from overworking your heart while exercising. This will stop the possibility of you having a heart attack or other serious condition that can arise from too much to too strenuous of workouts. Along with aids to help you with the health aspect, there are also many other great toys that can make your job a more pleasant one. ipods, for example are great for the lengthy run, as you can listen to all of your favorite music while you workout.

Take Precautions

Jogging is very strenuous, and it is something that you need to be in constant control of at all times. This is not unlike any other form of exercise, as it is all hard work and you can easily overwork your body in your quest to the new and perfect you. Using your head when jogging will keep you from running too long or working too much. This will help you avoid possible effects of the exercise, and you will live to see another day to perfect you.


Athletic Fitness - Why Athletes Are Fitter Than the Average Gym Rat

By Brandon Richey
Expert Author Brandon Richey

Athletes are the most well conditioned and fittest people around because they have to be. After all, it is there job to have their bodies perform at the highest level. The average gym rat usually aspires to have the build and functional capability of the athlete, yet very seldom achieves that goal.

Now, of course it is the full-time job of the athlete to be the best performing well-oiled machine to entertain a high paying fan base every week. However, the average gym rat that spends a boat load of money on gym memberships, supplements, and training gear never even comes close to resembling the athlete that develops the body of a Greek god. Now you can blame it on genetics, money, and time and all of these characteristics are important, but I've trained normal taxpaying citizens to look like Greek gods with no gym membership, supplements, or a ton of training gear. The difference boils down to two factors, discipline and training method.

You see most gym rats go to the gym and do a few arm curls with their neat little ipod strapped to their bicep. A few reps on the bench, some lat pulls, and if they really get active they may do some squats. You see the difference in the athlete and the gym rat is definitely the training method, but having the hard discipline to engage in it most everyday and with high intensity. The athletes don't have to spend two and half hours in the gym. As a matter of fact when I worked at UGA the maximum length of time in the weight-room never exceeded an hour. Now having said this they did put their time in for conditioning and practice. Most people don't want to train like athletes because that is how you should train if you are playing "football," or if you want to be a "wrestler." This is a lazy excuse and is where I say don't complain when your goals of achieving that level are not met.

Remember, if you want to learn how to fight you learn from a well-trained fighter, if you want to shoot you learn from a marksman, and if you want to be in the greatest shape of your life well I don't consider myself a bad resource.


Six Easy Fitness Steps

By Chris D Harper Co-Author: Michael J Clayton

Six simple steps towards getting fit

Getting fit seems like a chore to millions worldwide, who wonder how on earth some others are able to get the everyday motivation to want to workout. You may be thinking you need some motivating from others, and you need someone else to make you get up and get out to get fit. The reality is that getting fit is all about you, and what you yourself are prepared to do to make that difference to yourself. Remember, that if even at first it seems like you want to give up and go back to your couch potato self, you just need to push yourself that little bit more, and as time goes on, working out will seem like less and less of a chore, and believe it or not, after a while you may even enjoy working out!

Step 1

Self motivation is key; believing that if you were the last person left on earth, you would still be able to get yourself as fit and healthy as possible without the aid of anyone else.

To begin, you need a suitable routine which you believe if you push yourself you will be able to stick to. This routine shouldn't be complicated, and should involve one type of exercise to begin with. Just to be clear, not having enough time is not an excuse. There is always enough time, you just have to make it. Your routine can start light, as long as you're prepared to step it up a gear as time goes on. Go for a run every other day for 2 weeks; preferably early in the morning when your muscles have had some rest overnight. Make sure the run is between 1 mile to 2 miles long. If you wish, buy an mp3 player or an ipod so you can listen to music while you run/jog. After these 2 weeks, do the same run, but every day instead of every other day.

Step 2

Secondly, find an activity which is a form of exercise that you enjoy. It's great when you can find an exercise which doesn't actually feel like exercise. Activities such as dancing, mountain biking, swimming or even rock climbing are all activities which many people love to do just for fun, but these activities are also great forms of exercise. Once you've decided on your activity, ensure you'll be able to do at least 2 one-hour sessions a week, this may mean signing up for a membership at your local gym for swimming etc. This exercise should be enjoyed, and you shouldn't stress over feeling you have to do it. If it means you need to look further to find a physical activity you enjoy doing, so be it.

Step 3

The next step sounds too simple to have any effect on you; but it really will. A tip to getting fitter is to walk as much as possible, even if it's literally just a few steps at a time. Whenever you move, you're burning a small amount of calories, so do as much as you can to keep yourself on your feet. For example, when you need to nip down to the shops, don't drive, and instead take a ten minute walk. Also, if you ever finding yourself sitting around for more than ten minutes, take a minute walk to keep your body moving. This may sound too little and simple to actually do anything, but every little counts, and every time you go on a little walk, you're burning some calories.

Step 4

Now that you've acquired a body used to general exercise on a daily routine, the next step is to focus on exercising particular parts of your body, helping your body to better fitness. These exercises are still simple steps to take, so don't worry too much. Begin by focusing on your arms; there are a couple of simple exercises which you can do which will tone and strengthen your arms. The idea here is to use a form of cardio that mainly involves the muscles in your arms. Such exercises are rowing (can be on a rowing machine) and skipping. Do each of these exercises for around 20 minutes to really get your muscles pumping. Doing a cardio workout for your arms along with some light weight work can really tone your arms well, so don't be afraid to do some bicep curls, tricep dips and hammer curls as well. Do a few sets of around 20 repetitions for each exercises using weights.

Step 5

After you've worked on your arms, it's time to move on to your legs. Once again these exercises are simple and easy to do. They'll also work on toning and strengthening particular muscles in your legs. Just like with your arms, its key when trying to tone muscles to go for a cardio workout focused on a particular part of your body. Spinning is great, as it doesn't just tone your legs, it also firms your hip area. The only problem here is that most people have to sign up to a spinning class to be able to do this. There are however a couple of cardio exercises for your legs which you can do at home, and here's a simple one anybody can try. For this exercise, you simply need a staircase. Stand on the second step, and place your hands on your hips, or even out in front of you. Then slowly step your left foot down and lightly touch the floor with the ball and toes of your foot, and then bring it back up to the second step. Repeat this fifteen times, then do the same with your right foot. Do five sets of fifteen for each foot. When going between left to right foot, take a short rest of around ten seconds. When doing this exercise, you should feel a burn in your calves, but this will tell you that the exercise is working.

Step 6

The last part of your body to focus on is your abdominals. Most men dream of having a perfect ripped six pack, and most women desire a slim, flat and toned stomach. It's certainly not easy though, so to begin with, use some easy to do stomach exercises for easy toning of your abs. These exercises apply for both men and women, as they are simply toning your abs, not building muscle. To begin with though, I cannot stress enough that for men, you cannot build any muscle on your abs until you have burnt off those extra fats around your belly. A nice and easy exercise to begin with; sit on a mat on the floor and bend your knees, and place your feet flat on the floor. Now cross your arms over your chest. Bend your head and shoulders towards your chest. Slowly lean back until you feel your muscles contract. Stay in this position for around five seconds; then return to the original position. Repeat this exercise ten times. But if you feel any discomfort, stop. Another simple exercise for your abs is to first, lie down on a mat, then bend your knees and place your feet flat on the mat. Put your hands behind your head and rise up slowly. Wait a few seconds; then slowly lie back down. Repeat this 10 times. As noted before, if you feel pain or discomfort at any point, stop.

With reference to steps 4, 5 and 6, complete these exercises every day, as they are quick and easy to do. Asking yourself to complete an exercise program everyday may sound hard, but it really is easier than it sounds, just push yourself a little bit. Completing these six steps when stated really will get you on your way to being a fitter and healthier you! Remember though, it really is all down to you, believe in yourself and with this help you really will achieve results.


MP3 Guided Workouts -- Reach Your Goals in Half the Time and at Fraction the Price

By Yuri Elkaim
Expert Author Yuri Elkaim

Imagine having your very own personal trainer right on your iPod or MP3 player. Hear the encouragement and motivation along with expert coaching and instruction coming out of your headphones, as you push yourself out of your comfort and into the training zone!

Welcome to amazing world of MP3 guided workouts. Although, still small in size relative to other facets of the fitness and exercise industry, MP3 workouts have proven amazingly effective for all kinds of exercisers whether they be beginners or seasoned pros. All you need to get started is an MP3 player and desire to get fit.

So what are the benefits of using these MP3 guided workouts you ask?

Saves You Money

Well, for starters, they offer you a huge savings when compared to typical training sessions with a personal fitness coach. Normally, working one-on-one with your own trainer can cost you anywhere from $75-$150/hr depending on the credentials and experience of the trainer. Conversely, using an MP3 fitness program that has been developed by a top trainer can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Take for instance Fitter U(TM), an incredible 3-month MP3 fitness system that helps users achieve their ideal body in just 90 days. This program (developed by Total Wellness Consulting) consists of over 35 hours of circuit training and interval training audio workouts as well as a workout tracker e-book and costs only $197. Following this exact program with the expert trainer who developed it would cost close to $4,500!

Provides Expert Coaching

Most MP3 guided workouts on the market have been developed by some of the top trainers in the fitness industry. Whether you're looking for weight loss, muscle building, or cardio specific workouts, you are sure to find a workout that will suit your needs.

However, when selecting your MP3 workout of choice, be sure to investigate the trainer/program developer's background and experience. Does the trainer have an educational background in exercise physiology, kinesiology, or strength & conditioning? Has the trainer been involved in the fitness industry for several years or simply getting started? Does the trainer have any other sport-related experience and/or certifications?

Be sure to listen to demos before purchasing. Having a good sense of what your trainer's voice and demeanor are like is important since you'll be hearing his/her voice throughout your workouts. Is he/she upbeat, motivating, energetic? Also, having a better sense of what the program entails is important so that you don't jump into something that you're not ready for.

Better and Faster Results

One of the benefits of having your own trainer is his/her ability to push you beyond your "perceived" limits. As a result, you attain your goals in a shorter time. Similarly, having an expert trainer on your headphones telling you how much time to work for, how much time you have to recover, and when to keep going makes a huge difference when compared to simply following a generic program from a fitness magazine.

Furthermore, the audio coaching instructions should be such as to ensure excellent form and technique as well as to provide some physiological explanation for the type of exercise at hand. This gives you greater confidence in your movement ability and exercise knowledge/body awareness, respectively. After all, better body awareness leads to better form which leads to greater and safer results!

Convenience and Portability

One of the big advantages of MP3 guided workouts is that you can take them with you anywhere you go. No need to schedule awkward workout times with a busy trainer or wait in line for various machines. Most "good" MP3 workouts should consider that you don't want to be wasting your time queuing for machines or other equipment. However, keep in mind that some workouts may require more equipment than others. But generally, if you decide to purchase a workout that has minimal equipment requirements, you can take such a workout with you as you travel or even to the cottage for the weekend.

The convenience of having your very own personal trainer with you wherever and whenever you want is a nice feature especially if you're a busy body! One such program combining convenience and portability is the Treadmill Trainer(TM), developed by Toronto's leading fitness expert Yuri Elkaim. This is an MP3 running program that guarantees users to run faster, farther, and longer with only 2 workouts per week! So if you're a runner (or want to start) you've got to check this phenomenal program out. And don't be fooled by the name - you can follow this program on a treadmill or even outside as you run.


The Hottest New Trend to Help Your Kids Stay Fit

By Michelle Platt

Let's face it. Exercise is in serious decline among today's youth. Children spend the majority of their days sitting behind a desk in school, at the computer, playing video games or watching TV. Added with our fast food lifestyle and it's easy to see why our children are suffering from obesity, diabetes and other major health concerns. Although it may seem children are getting exercise while rushing from one place to the next on a daily basis, this is a common misperception. Just because your child is busy does not mean they're getting enough exercise. They need aerobic activity which involves steady movement and raises the heart rate. Children and adolescents need at least 60 minutes of physical activity, preferably every day.

Not only does being fit help kids lose weight, but it helps build strong bones and muscles, lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation. Being active during the day ensures a good night's sleep, which in turn allows them to be more alert during the day.

Being active and fit significantly improves children's emotional well-being and self-esteem as well. Having high self-esteem as a child is crucial in building strong stable young adults. Children with low self esteem are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, while those with high self esteem believe in themselves and have a sense of self-respect.

It can be a challenge to get an inactive child interested in being active everyday. The trick is finding an activity that children will enjoy and feel cool sharing with their friends. Find something that they would consider popular and trend setting.

The young generation is fascinated with hip hop music and culture. They watch music videos, listen to their ipods, and dress like their idols on TV. With the popularity of movies like "Stomp the Yard" and "You got Served", hip hop dance is everywhere. This is the perfect way to help your kids incorporate their interests with an avenue to get fit. Hip hop dance is a great way for children and adolescents to get exercise, have fun, and still being on the cutting edge of popular trends today.

Dance in general can play an important role in developing physical well being and creativity. Children who dance enjoy increased levels of both physical and psychological fitness. An hour of sustained high energy dance can burn up to 400 calories or more depending on your body weight. (calorie control website)

One of the best ways for kids to get involved with dance is through private lessons. As with all activities such as tennis, skating, golf, and swimming, private training offers many benefits for beginner to advanced students. Firstly, it offers students the freedom to move forward at their own fitness levels. Too often it seems that our kids are boxed into group learning that is moving way to fast or too slow for their needs. One on one coaching allows for personalized lessons tailored to the level of your child. It also allows them to improve skills at a faster rate by focusing on specific areas and elements that need work. Private lessons also help students build confidence with the personal guidance, constant assurance, and patience from the teacher. The teacher and student work together to set fitness goals for the student and achieve them as a unit.

One of the biggest benefits of private lessons is the convenience of time scheduling. With so much going on in our everyday lives, it can be tough to get to a class on someone else's schedule. With private lessons, you can plan out a schedule that works best into your daily routine.

With private coaching and expertise your children will surely be inspired to get up and get their groove on! Having a passion outside of school or work such as dance is a fantastic way to get fit, feel better, and boost self-esteem. With private coaching, your child's teacher will surely bring out the superstar qualities in your child and help them to feel good about their progress. Parents win by providing a safe environment for further development of their child's interests and get exercise. Kids win by staying fit and learning the hottest dance moves they watch everyday on videos and television. Dance is a fun alternative route for getting fitter and healthier!


Free Exercise Tips And Fitness Motivation

By Mike Armstrong

Do you find exercise to be a chore? Does it seem to be difficult to keep it up? Many people start with great intentions and are determined to start off with a fitness program that is going to change their lives/health/fitness overnight. It doesn't happen. You know the pattern - start full of enthusiasm and then day by day the regime gets a little shorter, the effort to keep going seems harder to find.

Don't worry, everyone has exactly the same problem. We all go through just the same thing. All the exercise guru's and fitness trainers stand there and tell you how great you are going to feel and how they are going to change your life. Then things fade off and a few months down the line you are still sitting on the couch wishing that you were like the guys you are watching on the TV.

OK. Lets try and address what's going on here. First off, don't believe that you are alone. The vast majority of people are in the same boat and have exactly the same problems. So, you want to be healthier and feel fitter, more vibrant and generally get that energy boost that everyone seems to go on about. Does it all sound like too much effort?

I would advise that first you ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. If you are short of anything in the nutritional sense then you will not feel like doing anything much. You will lack energy and not get around to even feeling like exercising. Ensure your diet includes the basic '5 a day' fruit and veg, or if not take supplements. A good multivitamin daily is good. Get one that includes iron - needed for the red blood cells. You won't feel like doing anything much if you are in any way anaemic. Also vitamin b complex is good to take regularly. A brewers yeast tablet daily will supply the vitamin b's. Extra energy can be attained by using other supplements such as Ginseng - an ancient Chinese remedy which is gaining in popularity in the Western world.

Making sure you are well balanced from the inside will help to give you a feeling of well-being which in turn will make you feel more like keeping up with a fitness program. Eat regularly, little but often, and drink plenty of water. Limit the alcohol! Right, enough of the lecturing. How can we get the body exercising?

Fitness comes from exercising the body. Its as simple as that.

Next fact; people are lazy. They don't like exercising. Sitting on a couch is easier. Doing nothing is the simplest path. Now here is the major point of all this. The way your body is built is that it will follow the easy route and settle into the easy way, unless convinced otherwise. Once it starts getting regular exercise it will actually begin to crave more! Your body will ask you for more exercise when it starts to feel better - it maybe a strange way to think but this is important. Listen to your own body. Give it a little teaser. Take it for a walk each night. Just half a mile down the road and back. After week give it a little extra, a brisker walk and a longer distance.

A week later, your body is saying to you that it wants a little more. You will feel like helping it. Go on, indulge it, try getting on that stepping machine. A short time a day. Turn on the TV and do it when watching your regular programs. The main thing to remember is that even after a little exercise, you body will start to ask you for more. Go along with it.

Make sure that you use different exercise machines, to add variation and interest. You've probably got them all - exercise bike, elliptical cross trainer, weights, rowing machine. All the things you have seen and bought before and not used. Well dust them off, and use them while you are watching your TV or DVD's, it keeps your mind occupied while you are exercising and stops you getting bored.

Above all else, make it interesting. Use any means you can. Music, DVD's, TV, audio cassettes, it doesn't matter. Plug your iPod or MP3 in. Get two machines and compete with your partner - make it a race! Or just compare distance/repetitions as recorded on the digital readouts. Do some exercise on one machine and then jump onto another. Keep changing - make a mental game of it - imagine you in a Decathlon. Don't stick to one machine. Keep changing, keep interested. Boredom is the killer in this - don't give it a chance!

So, the most important fact to digest is the one that says your body will not only accept exercise but will actually ask you for more. Start it off and your own body will beg for more. Once started this is self generating! You just have to go along with it.

Article supplied by Mike Armstrong.


Walking Your Way to Maximum Fitness - Get Fit Today

By Marcus Passey
Expert Author Marcus Passey

So if you are looking to get fit, walking your way to maximum fitness is one of the most popular and enjoyable forms of physical fitness you can do. Plus just think of the benefits that come with keeping fit from walking, you will save on fuel, cause less pollution and reduce traffic on the roads. Because your exercise yard is right outside your front door, you have no excuses just get out there and start walking.

I know first hand that walking helps me stay fit, I am a postman and have to walk many miles a week plus carry a heavy pouch. See when you start getting fitter and into your comfort zone, you can start pushing yourself by adding resistance, and walking faster and longer there are loads of variety to getting fit from walking. Remember as with all exercise you have to look after your body, do not over do it walking to get fit is not a race.

If you want to walk your way to maximum fitness you have to start off slow, you have to condition yourself properly. Start of walking for 10 minutes twice a day let your leg muscles and feet get used to it, you don't want to end up with sore and painful feet in your first week. Make sure you stretch properly and drink plenty of water before, during, and after your exercise. Have fun get a friend to start walking with you, or if no one wants to do it take your iPod along. Keep safe too make sure you are visible to road users wear some high visibility clothing, and make sure you have some good walking shoes.

Remember start slow have fun and build it up to where your fitness program is consistent in helping you keep and stay fit. This is just a summary of how walking can improve your health and fitness.

To find out more about walking for fitness just click on my website


Motivation For Fitness

By Darius Maslow

Fitness is really a state of physical being and mental agility. There are millions of people around the world that make new-year resolutions to stay fit and then promptly forget about staying fit. They can give a number of excuses for failing to stay fit. Usual excuses are lack of time. Too much pressure of work, family obligations and myriad other such excuses.

Here are some motivational tips to get you going for the fitness level that you desire

If you don't have time at one go, then you can break up your fitness schedule into smaller time intervals. Try working out 20 minutes or 10 minutes at a time, if you can't devote 1 hour at one point of time. 10 minutes brisk walking or walking down the stairs after office or work hour can help you stick to the fitness schedule that you have.

If you don't have a gym or a fitness centre near your home or office, then start walking

Walking at a brisk space can burn many calories and help you get back into a fitter state than before. Even the lack of parks and walking paths shouldn't deter you. Try walking in the nearby woods or even around your own housing. Better still, invest in a good treadmill machine and burn the calories away while listening to your favourite piece of music or TV program.

Carry your favourite piece of music on your iPod while working out in the gym or even when you are out for your jog. Music that you love will inspire you to stick to the fitness regime that you have undertaken. Carry the iPod or your cell phone to help you with the music. If you feel lonely, then ask a friend to come along. Your friend can motivate you and be motivated in turn. This will strengthen your relationship and your fitness schedule.

If you don't like conventional fitness routines, you can always opt for fun fitness routines such as salsa, ball room dancing, martial arts and many more. Dancing and martial arts make the mind disciplined and make the body lithe.

Any physical activity should be done under proper guidance. Take one step at a time. If you think tight the fitness schedule or exercise program isn't suiting you, then revert to other programmes schedules or fitness regimes. When you really want to have a fitness regime, then you can use every spare minute that you have.


Fat Loss Interval Training For Beginners

By Yuri Elkaim
Expert Author Yuri Elkaim

Do want run but don't feel that you can?

Do you enjoy walking but are looking for the added fat burning benefit of running?

Well if so, then the workout I'm about to take you through will make your day a happier one.

When most people start running (at whatever stage of their life) they usually cannot run for a very long period of time. That's to be expected since the body hasn't been trained to accommodate the greater demands imposed by running faster or longer. However, the desire to run is present for many people because of its fat burning and overall cardiovascular benefits.

One way to build up your running endurance is to simply run a little bit longer each time you run. A good rule of thumb is to increase either your distance or speed (not both) by no more than 10% per week. This progression allows your body to adapt to new running demands while minimizing your risk for injury.

This method of running at the same pace for a given distance or duration is known as steady-state cardio or running. Initially, this is a great place to start for most beginners but there comes a point when it becomes rather boring and its fat burning potential lessened.

Instead, you may want to consider interval training. Interval training, also known as HIT, is by far the most superior training method to improve your running speed and endurance while maximizing your fat burning potential.

HIT refers to a method of cardio training whereby you combine bouts of high and low intensity. So for our purposes, and since you are a beginner, you would be combining bouts of walking and jogging. Each bout would last a certain amount of time and would be executed at a certain speed.

For most people who have never run before (and who want to start) I usually get them to start with intervals that consist of 90 seconds of walking followed by 30 seconds of jogging. They would then repeat this sequence for a given amount of time - usually 10-15 minutes depending on their initial fitness level.

The wonderful thing about interval training is that there are thousands of possible interval combinations that you can use. And as you become fitter the amount of time at the low and high intensities would vary to give you more of a challenge.

Start with this interval training workout:

Assuming that you're a complete beginner I'm going to suggest that you begin by following the workout I mentioned above. That is to walk for 90 seconds and then jog for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence for a total of at least 10 minutes. If you feel you can go longer, then go for it.

The true value of interval training is that it allows you to exercise at a higher overall intensity because it is broken up. Starting off, it might be tough to run (without stopping) for a full 10 minutes but with HIT you can actually spend more time running at a faster speed because you have those lower intensity recovery bouts.

Working at higher intensities also means that you burn more calories and while maximizing your body's ability to burn fat. Over time, your metabolic rate will increase and you will be burning fat even while your resting. When it comes to fat loss the key is intensity.



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