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Secrets to Scrumptious Pumpkins Seeds

We all know that the best pumpkin seeds are the ones that are crispy and flavorful,
and straight from the warm oven on a fall day.

But how to get them just right? Read on for the 3 secrets.

1) Don't rinse them. That's right. Rinsing them off takes away quite a bit of the
yummy taste. Sure, go ahead and pull the stringy pumpkin pulp off, but then put
them straight on the baking sheet. You will be glad you did.

2) Don't over-season them.

I've seen some recipes that call for fancy combinations of spices, but the best
and simplest seeds need a coating of cooking oil and salt. That's it. The rest is
natural goodness.

3) Cook 'em slow. This is the hardest part because you must remain patient as your
kitchen fills with that fabulous pumpkin seed smell. To get that crispy texture
the seeds should be cooked at 250 degrees for at least an hour.

3 Simple Tips for Organizing Spaces

With new routines, come new messes. Here are a few organizational tips to keep
things tidy.

1) Install hooks in your closet or behind doors for items such as jackets, backpacks,
sports equipment, and the like.

2) Make sure every bedroom is equipped with a wastepaper basket and a laundry basket.

In the bathroom and in the bedrooms on dressers, place a decorative bowl or basket
for loose change, jewelry or small items.

Issue 35

Fall 2011

Dear ,

The cooler air wafting through brightly colored leaves, the kids getting back to
school, and the taste of freshly toasted pumpkin seeds....these are the sensations
of fall.

To enjoy your time to the fullest, we have some great tips on organizing your time,
space and home care for the upcoming seasons.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Routines

Are you looking for ways to add peace into your fall schedule? Establishing predictable
and dependable routines may be the key.

Despite the reputation routines get as being mundane, routines in our lives offer
so many benefits. They give us a sense of stability and help our days run smoothly.
Knowing what is happening next can help your entire family relax and minimize stress.
Routines also allow us to break up big daunting goals into smaller and more-reasonable

Here are five important steps for establishing routines in your life:

1. Formalize your routines by writing them down in a notebook or post them
on a wall.
2. Plan ahead. When you know your schedule is going to change, strategically
decide how to alter your routines before the change occurs.
3. Reevaluate. Summer routines may be different than fall.
4. Be patient. Expect gradual movement. The changing of habits does not happen
5. Stay committed. Effective routines take commitment and consistency.

Conservation Corner: Winterizing Your Home

One of the easiest and best ways to help keep the heat in during the winter is to
not have it leaving! Weather stripping and checking the caulking
around the windows is probably the simplest and least expensive way to cut down
on energy waste and costs in the winter. Homes that are not sealed well can waste
10% to 15% of your heating dollars.

Try these steps to keep your home warmed efficiently:
1. Check all your doors and windows to make sure your weather stripping
is still in good condition. Replace where necessary.
2. If your windows are leaking, try to budget getting them replaced.
It can be expensive, and may take awhile to recoup your energy savings, but think
how nice they will look!
3. Seal all the wires and pipes that penetrate the walls or ceiling.
That is a huge source of heat loss.
4. Even electrical outlets can let heat out. You can buy simple
pre-cut foam gaskets that fit behind the plate.
5. Always close the damper on the fireplace when not in use.
6. Check your heating ducts. Since we seldom see these, they can tear
and flatten and you won't know about it. Duct tape that is used to seal
duct work can get old and peel off. By fixing these leaks, you can save
about 10% of your heating bill, according to the California Energy
So, now I know what all you weekend warriors will be doing next weekend,
Have Fun!

At Brightside Cleaning Services we take pride in punctuality, dependability and
a job well done.

Call us today at (949) 645-7103.


Hollie Gilcrease
Brightside Cleaning Service

Announcing our Fall-Back Discount
As an added incentive to remember that all important day to set our clocks back
for Daylight Savings Time on November 6th, we are offering a Fall-Back Discount.
Call us to book your next cleaning by NOVEMBER 6th and get 50% off your last hour
of cleaning!
Call us today!
(949) 645-7103.

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