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Steps to Great Fall Photos

The gorgeous array of colors created by nature in fall make this season literally
picture perfect. Whether you're a camera phone user or amateur photographer use
these simple photo tips for stunning autumn snapshots.

Let backlighting be your friend. Using the sun to showcase glowing leaves and backlit
foliage will give your photos great color and depth.

Overcast creates contrast. As the sunny day prove few and far between be thankful
that cloudy overcast skies actually create a great contrast for all of the layers
of color that fall provides.

Stay away from the middle of the day. Sunrise and sunset provide the best light
to shoot and naturally create great shadows and angles.

Red makes a statement. Seek rich fall red pops of color for your content. Red always
makes a big statement and catches the eye.

Issue 39

November 2012

Dear ,

Are you ready for the holidays? The family, the friends, the joy... and yes, the
extra excitement of bringing it all together. To help you get through the festive
fun we have a couple of great articles on how to cover the basics and ENJOY!

And don't forget to take advantage of our special offer with the coupon below and
get 20% OFF an oven cleaning, just when you need it most.

And from our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Made Easy

If Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for all of us to give thanks, who says
we can only do so by spending half of our day slaving away in the kitchen? This
year let's be thankful for our time away from the kitchen.

Divide and Conquer.

Thanksgiving is a time when we all come together. Why not share the cooking with
all of those coming together. When Thanksgiving becomes a well-organized potluck
everybody wins.

Don't Go Overboard.

Your grandmother may have always made two kinds of potatoes and three different
desserts but that doesn't mean you have to. Focus on quality over quantity.

Order It.

These days there are plenty of places to order your Thanksgiving Day feast. Order
up the entire meal or just the time consuming items like turkey and pies to lighten
the load.

Avoid Cleaning.

Even without a lot of cooking going on in the kitchen a large meal creates a large
pile of dishes. No one wants to eat a fancy meal with a plastic fork, but there
are plenty of compostable plate options available that will make clean up a cinch.

Conservation Corner:
Why Buy in Bulk?

Nowadays nearly every grocery store has installed a bulk food section so you can
buy things like flour, nuts, dried fruit and even candy in bulk. Here are some
great (and green) reasons to buy from the bulk section.

* Bulk food reduces the amount of product packaging, thereby reducing the amount
going to the landfills.

* The transportation of bulk food is more efficient. Less packaging allows for more
food to fit on the trucks.

* Customers can buy exactly what they need at the store, reducing the likelihood
that extra food will be thrown out.

So next time you are at the store, make an extra trip to the bulk aisle and do some
of your shopping in a style that helps conserve the environment.

At Brightside Cleaning Services we take pride in punctuality, dependability and
a job well done.

Call us today at (949) 645-7103.
Hollie Gilcrease
Brightside Cleaning Service


Just provide us with a testimonial via email or handwritten telling us why you are
thankful to have Brightside Cleaning care for your home and get an OVEN CLEANING
at 20% OFF -- just in time for the holidays.
Be sure to mention this coupon before your cleaning to take advantage of this special

Offer expires November 30th, 2012.


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