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Creating the Internal Space You Need For Intuition

By Patrick Mannson
Expert Author Patrick Mannson

Your intuition is enabled by your being open and receptive, being in a highly sensitive mode where you can receive impressions and insights, however subtle or vivid. It is a place of humility, 'listening' and non-judgment. Remember always that your intuition functions best when you are outside of your conscious analytical mind, and is the other side of the coin to logic and reason.

The alpha and theta states induced during guided meditations can part the 'veils between worlds' and make possible the dawning of higher states of consciousness within you. It is in these twilight arenas that your intuition can be encountered in a more pronounced and tangible way.

Where any meditative or relaxation procedure is able to quite your noisy, judgmental conscious mind and help you to move beyond it, the guided meditations in the Intuition Zone program are explicitly crafted not only to alter your state of consciousness, but once there, to facilitate the engagement of your intuitive senses.

While the easiest time to engage your intuition is when you are in a meditative state, it is not necessary or always desirable to do so. The Intuition Zone program contains many exercises that are appropriate to use when more engaged in the physical world. The 'Earth-Light' meditation recording is specifically designed to clear and align your energy system and connect you to source, leaving you more open to your intuitive senses and capable of receiving higher awareness. This meditation, with its purifying, centering, and consciousness raising effects, is an ideal primer to any intuitive practice, and becoming an open and willing conduit.

Your intuition is most accessible when you are functioning outside your normal, rational, judgmental mode of consciousness. We most often experience such altered states when doing automatic, 'mindless,' or repetitive tasks, such as showering, knitting, washing the dishes, or doing chores, and so on. When we are engaged in these kinds of activities our conscious minds are most likely to switch themselves off. This makes it so that higher inspiration and intuitive gestalts can find their way into your consciousness without the convoluted trappings of your analytical mind.

The Intuition Zone program includes the soothing meditation called, 'Inner Realm.' This meditation connects you with the personification of your Higher Self and empowers you to experience the pure, unconditional love that flows from them. You will be able to absorb this energy at a most fundamental level. This divine union serves to dissolve the limitations and encumbrances that keep you from knowing the who you are, knowing the truth of reality and destroying the illusion of separation on which the ego thrives. When you experience the unconditional, divine love that your Higher Self has for you in every instant of existence, it will heal and blossom your heart so that you can experience that which is the ultimate truth of reality: the only reality is love.


Liberate Your Deep Inner Intuitive Wisdom

By Patrick Mannson
Expert Author Patrick Mannson

Through all the ages of man, there have always been those who were in contact with their intuitive side. Many of the greatest leaders and sages have been able to tap into their intuitive selves to gain help and insight. Those who have the ability to call on this wise and sensitive internal ally have been know to receive insights and guidance that empower them to accomplish great things. But for many, particularly people living in the rational, technological Western world, the question remains, "How do I access and engage the deep inner wisdom of my intuition?"

For people who do not have innate access to their intuition, learning to interpret messages and signs from their deep inner wisdom has always been challenging, one often requiring years of spiritual training and meditation. However, this is about to change. By taking advantage of modern concepts like the "how to" road map and computer technology, you can now discover and master the means of communicating with your own intuition, to befriend and liberate your intuitive self, faster and more easily than ever before.

To communicate with your intuitive self, you would need access to a system that:

* Gives you practical beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises
* Shows you how to talk to your intuitive self in a way it can understand
* Teaches you how to interpret the signs and symbols your intuition uses to communicate
* Shares with you a useful base for your intuitive practice

What you don't want is all theory without a way to implement it, or all procedures and how-to's without a way to understand what you are doing and why. One would be of almost no use without the other. An effective program for communicating with your intuitive self would provide both, wrapped up in a practical, tested, and proven package.

The Intuition Zone Program

With the expert guidance of Aine Belton (known around the world for her Miracle Mind Manifesting Program) and her team, the Intuition Zone program will give you a thorough "how to" road map, step-by-step exercises, and meditations that lead you along a path that can liberate your intuition. More than just theory, the program teaches you intuitive practice you can participate in right now!


Developing Your Intuition Through the Exploration of Your Physical Senses

By Chris Cade
Expert Author Chris Cade

In the past, I kind of thought of the term 'sixth sense' as being a bit of nonsense. It wasn't until things started happening that I couldn't explain with my rational mind that I began to think more deeply about the topic.

I started asking myself interesting questions...

If we all possess five senses and we use them extensively, then what is the sixth? Where does it come from? And where is it located?

These questions ran through my mind for years, and I've slowly started to piece them together. A lot of people say intuition is located in the 'crown chakra' in the middle of the forehead. But for me, I always felt it in my belly center... or as a sort of "knowing." I didn't really feel my "sixth sense" in the forehead like others.

Over time, I began to grasp more the meaning of the "sixth sense." That it wasn't really a place on my body (though sometimes it manifests as feeling), "sixth sense" is another word for intuition. I've also discovered that people called it different names: Hunch, voice in head, gut feeling and so on to name a few.

Partly out of curiosity, and partly out of necessity (feeling like these unexplainable intuitive experiences kept happening) I yearned to explore more about the subject and I read from somewhere that one needs to sharpen the five senses before he could tap in to the sixth. This piece of information not only got me thinking, but it got me working as well.

It never occurred to me until then, that we have the ability to sharpen our senses. I always thought that we had our own frequencies, animals had their own and nature was in perfect harmony. It turns out I was wrong, and that intuition was something to be awakened and its' wake up call had to be made loud, clear and persistent.

One thing that has been suggested, though I haven't really followed it as a practice (I sort of did this on my own, anyway), is to switch off lights in the room and study the area around me to identify shapes I see. Then repeat this exercise in different rooms in my house each night. Although at first you might not notice anything significant, you might have a hunch that you're moving in the right direction. Nightime always seems to be a time when my intuition is easier to hear.

Maybe this is because when we use all five of our physical senses, we can get a little lost. Instead, when we focus in on a very specific sense, then we're much more able to tune out the other stuff... and this allows us to more easily hear our intuition.

Another exercise that can help sharpen auditory skills is to lay in bed at night when everything is quiet and try to listen to the subtle sounds that surrounded you. When I've done this, sometimes I experienced what is known as 'dead silence' at other times, I've heard distance voices and sounds of vehicles. Whenever I heard these sounds, I tried to come up with a mental picture to associate it with.

These intuition awakening exercises are all ones I've had to discover on my own, without any real guidance. It's been a lot of trial and error. Recently, I came across a new program called "The Intuition Zone" and I've been reviewing it and going through it to see if it might help me develop my intuition further.

So far it's been helpful (though I do have my gripes), and I'm looking forward to going through the program more in depth. If you'd like to follow along in my experiences with the program, or see if it's right for you then check out the link to my blog in my bio.

If you'd like to follow along in my experiences with the program, or see if it's right for you then check out the link to my blog in my bio.


Intuition in Business - A Key for Decision Makers

By L. John Mason
Expert Author L. John Mason

Do you ever hire or put work teams together? Are you ever developing relationships with clients, advisors, supervisors, or your staff? Do you ever have to make career choice decisions? Are you ever in position to decide about a new product and what quantities to produce, distribute, or acquire? Do you have to stay ahead or at least up with the trends? If you answered yes, then you may want to read on and explore how you can tap your deepest and strongest levels of wisdom...

An executive buyer for a national retail chain of full service department stores played a "hunch" and created huge profits and national recognition for her stores. She had learned her job over several years and understood her customers but when it came to predicting the fashion trends she was still more guessing than using statistical analysis. Her intuition told her that an overlooked style would be a "hit" and proceeded to order the dress in certain fabrics and in large quantities. The manufacturer, being an honorable business associate, tried to dissuade her knowing that every other major buyer had overlooked or discounted this particular style. The buyer being strong willed and very strong on this "gut feeling" maintained her large order. A large promotional campaign was launched and to everyone's surprise, except the buyer, the dress sold out rapidly causing every other major store chain to demand this product. Thousands of this dress style were sold and the buyer's reputation was elevated by this business decision. Though it seemed to go against logic and current reasoning, this bold act sent this retail market spinning in a new and profitable direction. This buyer developed many unexplainable projects in her successful career and she still considers her intuition responsible for much of the recognition that brought her to the very top of her profession.

Recently an increasing number of reports are pouring in, unexplainable situations of great decision making that appear to be "lucky guesses." Executives who did not play the "odds" and chose instead untested teams of people or products that overnight created huge growth and huge profits for the developers and investors. Some new technologies are so "cutting-edge" that no one can accurately predict the direction and outcomes of these activities. This includes investing in high-tech, foreign markets, trends of the national market, world political trends, and the needs for NEW products and services. Who could have predicted that that within the past ten years products and services like: cellular phones, pagers, E-mail, faxing, the internet, bio-technology, even Dilbert, would be the necessities of business executives competing for world business. Trends are evolving but being ahead of the trends takes, guts, fortitude, and a deep insight that accurately can feel the "right" directions for the future.

The story about the buyer has been repeated in every industry. The "gut feeling" decisions that have lead to success seem to be increasing with the advent of new technologies and the "uncharted" arenas that must be negotiated. With no "track record" many business decisions must be made quickly and without historical support. Executives with good instincts are driving the explosion of instant millionaires that many industries, particularly "high tech" businesses, in the past decade.

Have you ever experienced ultimate satisfaction in a business activity or decision? Have you ever "played a hunch" and had it come out better than your expectations? Have you ever experienced being totally "connected" or "in synch" with your client or team and had profound results? Were you ever "in the groove" with your sales and marketing activities? Most importantly, did you ever have a "Gut Feeling" about a decision that was so powerful it could even override prevailing thought or certain statistical facts, and achieve great results? Did you ever "know in your Gut" that you had chosen the "right" people for the project even though they were relatively new, inexperienced, or had never worked together before, they just developed the "Right chemistry" to make "it" happen?

Sometimes, for a not fully explained reason, an executive will make great decisions that far exceed expectations. For some managers this happens only rarely, and their track record may show that they are careful and do not take risks. This has been a successful strategy for some managers. But increasingly, business is moving into new areas, perhaps uncharted territory, and the smaller companies who play the "hunches" may wind up winning, creating large payoffs in these new arenas. Some executives have the reputation for "big wins" and develop a track record that make their hard work and great "guesses" produce big leads over their competition. These "guesses", "hunches," and "gut feelings" separate the innovators from the managers that follow the leaders. "You can make dust or eat it!"

Customer service also can rely on special qualities where salespeople, managers, or executives can "connect" in a special way with their customers and create a relationship of trust and rapport that develops special loyalty and long term success. People who are "good" with people as managers or in providing customer service produce good returns on the company's bottomline.

Many executives when in training, in teaching, or in business activities use metaphors from sports. They play aggressively. They "have their head in the game." They are "in the groove," "hitting on all cylinders," and sometimes totally in the "zone." Athletes describe "being in the zone" where their perceptions are so sharp that time seems to slow down. Their decisions are so clear and precise that they can surgically pick apart the other team's defense and score in the almost impossible ways. Examples of this abound, where a quarterback, or point guard, or sales executive, intuitively knows what his teammate/client will do, and in a split second delivers the "ball" to the perfect position for it to be received, "in stride," to complete the drive for a score! This "state of being" is a rare pleasure to experience under any circumstance. When you feel this on the field or in business, it adds to the satisfaction of the experience. In its way it has addicting qualities that brings you back time and time again. This can motivate an executive, letting him/her feel that they are at the very "top."

Too often we wait for these situations to manifest. We are not proactive in creating the proper emotional, mental, and physical environment to perform at this level and with this satisfaction. Some experienced veterans can pull these qualities out in key situations and use them with great aplomb. Some younger, creative executives seem to have these abilities and can "hit a homerun" early-on. But this is an experience that is an emotional skill that can not happen upon command, consistently, without proper training and nurturing of this skill.

Every competitive company and executive leader wants every advantage that they can develop. Consultants and trainers showcase the latest business techniques. Most business management techniques can be taught through normal teaching methods in classes or through verbal instructions. The "Gut Feelings" of a clear intuitional decision is derived in an entirely different way. It comes through a special "connection" or "feeling" that can not be taught in normal teaching methods. The experience must be provided, guided, enhanced, supported, and nurtured for its full development in a consistent trustworthy "feel-set" (skill-set with feeling.)

Major disruptions to intuition and focus occur in the presence of stress and fear! Controlling fears, insecurities, and your stress response is the first step to preparing for the connection with your intuitive insights. In other words, you must control the background noise and distraction that we most often feel when we are not "in the present moment" and not "in our bodies" in a healthy way. Much has been written about stress management for business and optimum performance can be achieved for athletes or business people through the focus of relaxation and then the special visualizations of success and "peak performance" programming.

The next steps involve immersion through ritual and developed exercises that reconnect you with certain quiet parts of yourself. Physical and emotional blocks need to be circumvented through awareness, acceptance, and then re-channeling of consciousness. A sensitivity to these feelings must be established and then honed to gain the "clarity" that will make this more consistent, trustworthy, and predictable. This phase is not the easiest. It requires diligence and practice. The skill of being able to "let go" physically and emotionally takes some time. It takes mastery of fear to trust that the unconscious forces can give special protection and then guidance. Then the levels of self-awareness and acceptance lead to self-confidence in the special way that successful, creative producers have achieved (for consistent success.)

The phase of balance and grace is a rewarding and beneficial achievement. No matter what the activity you participate within, these levels of focus and of being centered, create the proper internal environment for success. These attributes are not just for business but for all life activities and pursuits. Most people never take the time to achieve these states and never find the deeper satisfaction with their lives. Relationships, families, health and business can suffer from the lack of balance and grace. At a universal level, the world would have more peace, less crime, and fewer environmentally stupid occurrences if balance and grace were honored and cultivated.

© L. John Mason, 1996

7 Steps to Intuitive Power
1. Awareness
Be exposed and learn the "Process" of the Intuitive Warrior. Know of historical, cultural, inherited responses.

2. Self-control (Self-care)
Learn and install lifestyle adjustments for health, wellness, and Clarity Development. Demonstrate the benefits of centering/connecting.

3. Self-Confidence (not false confidence)
Learn and Know yourself to the core. Develop the control to center yourself: mind, body, and spirit

4. Self-Esteem
Elevate your feeling/knowing of your self. Develop the sense of self-connection and self-love.

5. Trust in the Universe
Develop the awareness and the skills to trust the highest levels of connection and conscious. Prepare for "Letting Go"

6. Letting Go (Easier Said Than Done)
Be able to "Let go" physically, mentally, emotionally to be open for intuition and Insight

7. Acceptance
Intuitive Insight & Power (Also called Enlightenment) Release the fear of failure, Death, and conscious loss of control. Find your power and deeply connected safety nets of empowerment.

L. John Mason, Ph.D. is the author of the best selling "Guide to Stress Reduction." Since 1977, he has offered Executive Coaching and Training.


The Zone of Intuition - Tune in to Your Intuition, Your 6th Sense, the Divine Within

By Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.
Expert Author Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.

Finally after a long and freezing cold winter, the first signs of spring are beginning to show, birds are singing, trees are budding and we can actually smell spring in the air! Aren't the four seasons just marvellous! Spring is a time for self-cleansing and self renewal and what is better than beginning with cleaning out our intimate space, closets and homes to get rid of all the clutter and unnecessary stuff that we have accumulated and hoarded the past months or perhaps even years. There is a good reason why the culture of spring-cleaning is a tradition in almost all the cultures. It's important to un-clutter and to clean in order to release all the blocked energy, the dead energy that accumulates along with the stuff that we hoard around us to make room for new things to enter our life. Once that is done with, one can then turn one's attention to more important things such as soul-searching for one and your intentions on how to embrace the new era, the new times and challenges that are presently facing us all alike as a human family as planet earth is being birthed into a new realm of consciousness. The question is only whether this birth is a smooth or rough transition which is something we can all control.

Like it or not everything is changing at so a rapid pace it makes your head spin. Time is whizzing by faster than you can imagine, and like all the rest of us you are crunched for time, trying to keep up with both family, business and financial obligations, probably leaving you little time to focus on your self and your inner peace of mind. And an inner peace of mind is what you most need right now. So you will be doing yourself a huge favor if you can dedicate a little time to include this in your daily agenda. A few minutes of 'quiet time' to journey inwards, to reflect, to be in touch with your inner self, you are after all your best friend and your inner self is your best teacher, your best guru. According to many metaphysicians, we exist in a web of Oneness, each one of us connected with all things, each one like a cell in the Body of a living Field of Intelligence. What we each do, how we live affects us all as our every thought and action imprints vibrations in this web. This is the time to activate your invisible 6th Sense, your Intuition, your own Genie within, it is time to unlock your inner Genius. Your intuition is your most valuable compass to life, it's the gateway to your unlimited self, to all the wisdom and guidance that you need to create the life of your dreams. Albert Einstein knew this as did all inventors, composers, artists and all creative people do. Einstein once said: The only really valuable thing is intuition. Many are born with their 6th sense, their intuition well developed, others have had to discover and to activate it during their lifetime. Few centuries ago many unfortunates who had this 6th sense of intuition well developed were burnt at the stake or drowned as having collaborated with the devil, because they had extra powers. But today in our present day and age we know better than that. We know that the sixth invisible sense known as intuition is an asset. A great asset, as a matter of fact, that places you on a higher or deeper consciousness level. It opens a whole new world of knowledge and opportunities for you. Your intuition immediately makes it clear to you what is good for you and what is not. You know intuitively, without doubt, whether you should act or stand back and wait, it helps you make your decisions wisely, it gives you the ability to see beyond that what is visible to the eyes, beyond the outer packaging that might distract you from seeing the real naked simple truth.

Everyone, without exception, has their 6th sense as part of their make up at birth, waiting to be called upon and activated. Remember the saying: Knock and it shall be given unto you. This is now a good example, all you need to do is to desire it, to wish it, and then to do whatever it takes to discover it, to develop it, to be in touch with your Intuition. With that you have access, an antenna, to the zone of the invisible cosmic waves where all divine knowledge is available to whomever taps into it. When we each set the clear intention to live in harmony within ourselves, within our community and with mother Earth, then the web of Intelligence and Love begins to teach us how, but only if we are truly open in our heart to receive this knowledge. You do not need to be a highly religious person to make the contact and to experience this love. It does depend on how much we are able to turn our awareness within. The stronger this inner force becomes and the more we acknowledge its presence by focusing upon it, the sooner we will be united as one species living on our planet. This is a simple science that goes and transcends all religions and ideologies of separatism.

During the past decades an important part of self-development has been to learn how to relax, because you need to be relaxed in order to to find your inner balance. You need to learn how to meditate to calm your mind to be in harmony with the earth's frequency. Throughout the ages yoga, taichi, gi gong, music, meditation and many other relaxation techniques have been exercised with this one goal in mind, to find that inner point of balance, the feeling of inner peace through being relaxed. This is so because, this is the most important first step towards getting in touch with your intuition. Without that inner peace of mind, the harmony within, it is impossible for you to contact let alone be aware of your intuition. The next important step is to be positive about life. Again for the past several decades a huge part of self-development has been on how to learn to be positive. Again and again you heard and you still hear today 'think positive' and rid yourself of all negativity. This is so simply because negative thoughts, are detrimental to the psyche, and will take you farther and farther away from inner peace, from your inner harmony and also from your intuition. With a negative attitude towards life, you build up a negative energy around you that acts as a dense barrier, a fog, to everything good and positive around you. The negative attitude will attract nothing but negativity to you. So next to learning the art of relaxation in body, mind and soul, you need to learn the art of living your life with a positive attitude. Learn to be thankful, learn to be open, learn to be willing to learn, to grow, and above all learn to be compassionate and joyful. Live with joy in your heart. Be content, joyful and happy just to be alive without the need to acquire and to depend on material props. This is an inward state of being, nothing to do with partners, family, friends, material wealth, religion or gurus. You can have all that and enjoy it all but don't let your life and inner happiness depend on them. For example, I love money and all the luxuries it can buy me but if I lose my wealth, or my job or someone I love, I'm not going to break down and think it's the end of my life and to lose faith. It'll be difficult for sure and I'll grieve for a while, but in the end, the bottom line is, I am still me with or without. Nothing in me has changed through the loss I've only lost what is around me. So I chose another path and carry on with my life.

One major important factor that blocks you from your intuition is the energy of fear. Did you know that fear is the opposite of love? Where there is no love there is fear. When the heart is filled with love there is no fear. And right now with all the violence that is spread through the media and movies and in particular about 2012 the energy of fear is spreading like wildfire. As difficult as it may be, try not to get caught in this destructive energy. There is no end of the world in 2012. The huge change that we will experience is that on a collective consciousness level and we are actually going through that right now each one individually on their level. For sure we are destined to live through some natural catastrophes between now and 2012 and developing your 6th sense, your intuition, is what you need to help you adapt to the new energies and frequencies. Humanity is going through a very rapid evolution and transformation process and it is up to each one individually to have the intention to join in this march for a golden future, for earth and for humankind.

In addition to the relaxation and positive attitude you need one other important thing, silence, to be with yourself in total silence, in peace, so that you can make your journey inwards. You need the silence so you are able to hear to experience your inner self. It is impossible to be in touch with the core of your being if you are constantly busy talking, listening to loud music, watching TV, reading, socializing, surfing the web, thinking about your problems or constantly busy running from one activity to another. You are much more likely to hear that dime drop, to get that inner spark of inspiration, of a sudden divine revelation, when you are quietly soaking in your bathtub, walking alone in the forest, or quietly sitting gazing at water or over a mountain top, or sitting alone gazing at the stars, of if you're ironing, washing dishes, gardening or driving your car, in total silence. If you can and have time to regularly meditate at home, then so much the better. With practice, in time, you can be in touch with your inner self, and to be receptive to your quiet inner voice no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. It will be like having an open telephone line to you inner self, or to the inner divine that has all the knowledge, and you are in a state of receiving the message no matter what. Because to be in touch with your inner self, your intuition, you need to be calm, you need to be free of all irritations and discontentment. You need a quiet mind, free of all negative thoughts, you need to have happy and calm emotions, simply said to be in a state of love. Fill your heart with love for all humanity. Try to be in love with love itself, in love with life. Be in love with your work and love everything you do.

Some people refer to intuition as instinct, others as a 'gut feeling' and if that works for you that is fine too, nothing wrong with that at all. Our sixth sense, our intuition, however, is stronger than that, more refined perhaps, I daresay more of a divine sense. We humans share instinct with animals, but intuition is a human privilege as is our intellect. And the message from your intuition is never wrong no matter how contrary circumstances seem to be. Think of a radio, for example, and how you can turn the dial to tune in to a certain radio program that you want to hear. Sometimes, you can tune in clearly and other times, the sound is not clear at all with a lot of noises and disturbances that block out the pure sound of the station you want to listen to. Well intuition works like that. Imagine many cosmic wave lengths and frequencies of information crisscrossing all around, above and through you and you want to tune in to one of those wavelengths for certain information. Well imagine yourself being the radio, and in your mind, you have the ability to turn your inner dial to tune in to the higher levels of information and knowledge that is available to all who care to tune in to one of the divine channels. That is exactly how it works. Once you have your instrument cleared and refined, you can then concentrate on tuning in. Those who have been practicing this for a long time, have so to speak their mind tuned in to their intuition, on a constant level, and they lead their life permanently being guided by their intuition. I know this from my own experiences. Once this might have been considered witchcraft, but we've moved on and today it's considered a necessity, an important part of our being.

Humanity as a family is in the process of developing and perfecting this divine sixth sense. If you haven't yet considered this, it is time for you now to join in to help us all create heaven on earth. There are thousands of people offering to teach you how to do this, some are genuine about passing their knowledge to you and others not so genuine just trying to generate income for themselves. It's up to you to make your choices as to which path to take and which path to avoid. There are long complicated journies and other shorter and more direct. All experiences are equally helpful. With the right aspirations, good intentions and self-discipline you can also do it on your own. This is one of those things that cannot be handed to you on a silver platter, you really need to practice and do it by yourself for yourself. All teachers can do is give you the tools, the rest is up to you. And I have given you here the three most important basic tools. As many now know, the greatest teacher dwells within us. When we hear its voice and receive its gifts we will know the Oneness game. You may now ask... How do I know when the inner voice I hear is actually my intuition and not my ego? My answer to you is that you will know without fear or a doubt in your mind. It is that simple. You will know when you hear the Divine Essence within.


Zone Alarm - the Good the Bad & the Ugly

By Hugh Duddy

Zone Alarm is a free firewall program that also comes with advanced features for those who wish to opt for them. Like most antivirus software, Zone Alarm has also grown with every new version. One of the most well known features of Zone Alarm is that it requests permission from the user every time the computer accesses a new site, ensuring that you have the freedom to select or deny the site in terms of your preferences.

This feature may sometimes cause annoyance, especially when you are in the middle of working on something important, or if you wish to be uninterrupted while playing a computer game. Many a user has no doubt felt frustrated and hampered by old versions of the program causing periodic interruptions. Consequently, one of the latest versions of Zone Alarm offers the option for you to automatically select or refuse alerts in the program's 'Game Mode'.

Apart from Zone Alarm Firewall, Zone Alarm Security Suite 7 is another option for the average user. This program installs quickly and uninstalls just as easily when you need to remove it. Although it has the disadvantage of not having any recovery or back up options, Zone Alarm Security Suite 7 is a viable option for online protection since it is well known for its practically intuitive 'learning' function that allows the program to understand your preferences in terms of how often it asks you if you want to continue to a particular website.

Also, the uninstall feature is an added benefit that you do not get with programs such as Norton. Although it may seem like a small detail, being unable to uninstall an antivirus program can lead to several annoyances, minor ones being issues like the program regularly asking you to upgrade, and more significant ones like the old program interfering with a new one that you may choose to install on your system.

Zone Labs has also been lauded for the much appreciated Auto Learn feature available in Zone Alarm, which allows users to customize their systems according to their particular preferences. Since it also offers protection from identity theft, Zone Alarm is unquestionably one of the best protection programs available online. Users also have the flexibility to have their credit card details and other financial information monitored via a real time online system, and are sent alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Zone Alarm can also assist you to stop receiving hard copies of junk mail and spam in your snail mail.

One area where users have found Zone Alarm to be a little questionable is its method of identifying trusted sites. Unlike programs like AVG which use their own toolbars to monitor the security of a visited website, Zone Alarm uses a database of 'trusted' sites that can be determined and controlled by the user. While this may give certain users a sense of flexibility and control over their antivirus systems, others would no doubt like a more conventional system of protection that uses inbuilt resources and updates to protect the computer from malicious attacks.


Intuitive Exercise Vs Highly Structured Exercise Programs - The Pros and Cons and How to Use Both

By Matt Schifferle
Expert Author Matt Schifferle

First let's put them into perspective. On one hand, we have the highly structured fitness program. This is easy to identify by having everything spelled out for you and every step of the way you do things by the book. Each workout, each rep, and each step is carefully controlled and highly regulated through a plan that's done by the book.

On the other hand is the intuitive side where you kind of go with the flow and do what you are feeling is best for your situation. It's all about getting in touch with your body's natural needs and desires and hence trust the inner voice that supposedly knows best.

Both schools of thought have their advantages. The structured component takes away all of the guess work and makes it really simple to know what to do. It's far easier to head to the gym or the dinner table with a set game plan in place and to follow it with the security knowing that someone (or something) else is taking care of your choices. You just have to paint by the numbers.

The advantage of the intuitive side of things is that you gain the ability to listen to your body and mind and you attain the skill to do what is best at any minute of the day. As they say, the only constant in life is change and with every day being slightly different (and your body being different as well) it can be helpful to slightly alter your exercise to get a perfect fit for that day.

There are a few disadvantages or two with each style as well. Like I said, life is constantly changing and trying to fit your life into a tidy little box can be problematic at times. You might have a structured plan to run 3 miles every day but what should you do if you have a few late nights and your energy level is in the dumps? Is it wise to force yourself to run, or should you take a day off? Should you run longer? How about maybe doing something else? The human body is not a machine and life is not being lived according to a movie script. Some of the most successful fitness pros I know use a very structured approach and they have a very predictable and repetitive lifestyle. They eat the same foods at the same time and in the same way. Everything they do, their sleep, their work, and their exercise is very regimented and just so long as everything stays the same they are fine, but when life changes (as it always will) they can flounder and find themselves at a loss.

On the intuitive side of things, it's hard to push ourselves and progress if we always go along with what we "feel." Getting in better shape, at one point or another, is a matter of pushing a limit or two and getting a little bit outside of a comfort zone. Such a thing is always tough to do if we just stick to what we feel like doing. Also, a purely intuitive approach can bring some inconsistency that will surly bring spotty results. One day you might feel like running a few miles and then the next you feel like hitting the free weights and then the next it's a sprint day. By the end of the month you end up doing a lot of various types of exercise, but with so much here-and-there workouts it's tough to gain any momentum to improve your fitness in any single direction. Like running around in random circles you can get pretty tired, but you're not any closer towards a specific destination.

So here's how we mash the two together.

First off, you want to always have a simple and basic plan together. I'll say it again, it's so important that the plan is very simple and basic. You don't need to structure every single little thing just yet. Just make it something like running 3 miles 3 times a week or picking 5 strength exercises to focus on in the gym. The key is you want a basic plan that allows you a little intuitive wiggle room.

Now that you have your basic plan you can begin putting it into action while taking notes (again basic notes) on what you are doing. So how far did you run? How long was your bike ride? How much weight did you lift and for how many reps?

Once you start collecting simple stats the next thing to do is to simply progress those stats in some way. So you could lift 5 more pounds next time, or strive for 2 more reps. You could aim to run the 5K 10 seconds faster or ride an extra mile on the bike.

The place where intuition came come into play is how you increase those numbers. As you are working out, it's the perfect time to get in touch with yourself and make a choice as to how you are going to progress. If you are feeling great then maybe strive for an extra 3 miles on the bike. If you're not so sure then go for just.5 miles. The same can be said for the weights. Are you ready to hit another heavier weight or do you just want to do a few more reps or maybe an extra set? If you're really not with it you can just keep the same numbers and do a repeat workout.
Just so long as something is progressing you can bet your bottom dollar that an improvement will happen in some way shape or form.

Another time to start listening to your body is during times of increased fatigue or pain. Everyone gets tired and exercise is tough but there are bound to be times when you simply don't have your A game and no pep talk will bring it forth. Those are usually the best times to cut things short a bit and let your body rest. There is a big difference between pushing your limits and trying to force your body to do something it simply is not ready for at the time. No one ever became stronger or more fit by driving themselves into the ground and making themselves weak or sick.

The big key is to have a basic plan that you can use with some consistent practice and implement some progressing but to also allow some wiggle room within that plan. So if you're program calls for an outdoor run but it's raining cats and dogs you can use a treadmill or even maybe do a little cross training on a stair master. Just so long as you keep the basics in place you will have the structure to give you direction and game plan and with that intuitive wiggle room you won't feel like a rat on a wheel and enjoy some freedom to change and alter the program as you see fit from day to day.


Intuitive Selling

By Charles Lightwalker

In order to understand intuitive selling, it is necessary to understand the concept of the unconscious and the ego.
These two parts of human consciousness determine much of our behavior, thoughts and attitudes. They are also important in understanding how we relate to others.

They determine how we act on the surface and on a deeper level we cannot recognize consciously. Without getting too analytical, following is a brief description of the ego (conscious self) and the unconscious (inner self) and how they relate to your sales activities.
Take time to explore this area further. It will bring tremendous value to your sales career.

Go Inside to the Unconscious

The first step to understand the outside world better and to know what success means to you is to get in touch with your inner self or the unconscious.

The unconscious is the part of human beings that is intuitive. It is the power behind all human intentions and actions, providing us with dreams, creativity and imagination. It is who you really are at the core of your being and gives you purpose.

Why do dreams seem so real? The mind does not know the difference. This is an expression of the power of the unconscious.
Your greatest challenge to becoming more intuitive in your selling and more successful in your career is to get in touch with the unconscious and listen to its direction. This will help you stay on target toward living your mission and goals and making the proper decisions as you respond to customers and the environment around you.

The goals and mission are your internal compass, or steering wheel, in making daily and weekly decisions about your sales activities. As you make these decisions, step back, listen to your inner voice and keep them connected with your mission statement and goals. Trust the message of the unconscious; this is intuitive selling.

People may enjoy their work -- some people are actually having more fun at work than play. However, most people would rather be doing something else. This is true because many people are not doing the work they love -- or work they were meant to do (what their unconscious wants them to do).
The unconscious needs a mission or goal. It can't wander, unless that is your goal or mission. Your greatest job in life is to find that mission and remove unwanted thoughts or things that are not true to that mission.

The Ego

We have a lot to learn from children. Young children have a high degree of contentment about them and the ability to bounce back from disappointment with ease, which comes from lack of ego.

Also, anyone who has ever competed in sports knows that in order to function at the highest level of ability, he/she must get into the zone. Athletes must remove their egos and operate on instinct or intuition. They must operate from their unconscious.

The ego is the conscious mind. It is the voice in our heads that is critical or "parent-like." The ego is focused on rewarding itself and not helping others. It acts as a barrier to the pure messages that come from the unconscious.

Thus, the terms "ego-maniac" or "big ego" are used to describe people who function solely from their egos. This type of functioning leads to imbalance and selfishness, two of the biggest barriers to selling success. You cannot possibly find ways to help customers and be a great listener if you are functioning from the ego.

Self-discipline can contain the ego and quiet its voice. The concepts you will read about in this book, if put into practice, can help you move away from ego-centric behaviors, which ultimately leads to better intuitive skills and a closer connection to the core of who you are, which is in the unconscious.

The ego has a need to control and the false perception that things can be made safe through control. Let go of your need for control; it's too stressful and many times can lead to the opposite of the intended result. This leads to difficulties with change.
The ego tends to fight change through fear and worry. The best way to deal with change is to realize that your unconscious is immutable. It is who you are.

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

The ego is the creator of negative self-talk and fear. The unconscious listens to your self-talk and takes action on what it hears or sees. This is why it is so important to avoid negative people and events.
Identify negative influences and remove yourself from them. Negative thoughts, images, and people hold you back from achieving your potential by influencing and programming your powerful unconscious.
The unconscious needs only positive influences.

Find Quiet Time

Communicating with the powerful inner parts of your consciousness is difficult, but not impossible.
The unconscious needs quiet time to work and express itself. Meditation, prayer or just sitting alone are excellent ways to quiet your mind and let thoughts emerge from your unconscious.

This is not a quick-fix process and it takes time to develop the proper skills. There are many programs that can assist you in these areas and if used wisely and with discretion, can have positive results.

Perceptions are Reality

We see the world in two ways: the way we think things are and through the value we assign to those things. Work on changing your perception of how things are to produce big changes in your life.

You create your own reality. Your unconscious is the key player in this. This is also true of your customers, who develop perceptions of you and your value to them and their organization.

Being in tune with your unconscious is an excellent way of keeping your perceptions more clear and obtaining a better understanding of the perceptions others have of you.


How you see yourself equals the results you get in return.
What is your self-image? Where is your internal barometer set?

· Picture yourself the way you want to be and set specific goals to improve your self-image.

· Determine and write down your specific goals and personal mission statement to be sent to your unconscious.

· These goals must be written down; if not, they will randomly move through your ego and conscious mind, rather then programming your unconscious mind.

· Be around successful people, copy them and add your own personal touch, which improves what they do.

· Follow the advice of winners and do not just listen and do nothing. They are winners for a reason.

· Let go of your ego and take action on self-improvement based on what you have learned from winners.

· There is plenty of room at the top and success is lasting, otherwise it is not success.

· How would you act if there were no chance of failure? Act this way.

· Visualize your success and focus on the end results, or actions, you will be doing when success comes.

· Remove limiting thoughts about success.

· Do not say, "I need to be"; rather, say, "I am this person."

· Visualize how you expect to be in the future and begin acting that way today.

If sales is your profession, then realize that selling is extremely valuable and a service that helps people. It is fun, rewarding, and fulfilling to help others.

Action Steps:

1. Learn more about the ego and the unconscious.

2. Make time for quiet moments, with no interruptions, and let your mind be silent.

3. Listen to the messages about your life's purpose from your inner self.

4. Ask how you can create a personal mission that serves others (see Chapter Five).

5. Begin living this mission.


Intuition - Does Your Intuition Lead You to Your Higher Self, Or is it the Other Way Around?

By Christine Hoeflich
Expert Author Christine Hoeflich

I received an email promoting a meditation and workbook program that claims to help you access and harness your intuition. The email stated that intuition is the bridge that leads you to your "ultimate self" and your insights, gifts and wisdom. Now I'm all for getting in touch with your intuition and especially for using your intuition, but I have to correct some popular misconceptions. Your intuition isn't the gateway to your higher self, as was claimed in the email. Rather, I found that it's the other way around: the higher self is the gateway to your intuition and to all the gifts from the higher realms (including favorable synchronicities, being in "the zone," and more). It's your higher self that is the source of and the key to your success.

There are many ideas in the new age community that are reversed like this. It's important to realize that even though certain ideas may be close, it's not enough to be close. You need to be precise for things to work as effectively as possible.

Anyway, it's really important to get this distinction straight. I have tried for years to get in touch with my intuition--with little progress. Furthermore, I have received emails from people who were frustrated because they have meditated and meditated but didn't feel like they were gaining more confidence in their intuition. But that's because meditation is only a small part of the process. Furthermore, the type of meditation you do is important. An effective meditation promotes a deeper awareness of the higher self (rather than focusing on mantras or points or sounds outside oneself).

I had tried to gain confidence in my intuition for almost two decades but it wasn't until I connected to my higher self that I made significant progress, as well as with my insights and ability to access my inner wisdom. (I was motivated to "go within" because I really needed the guidance.) You can do one guided meditation after another, you can bliss out on meditations, you can fill out every single exercise in all the intuition workbooks and workshops in the world, but nothing is going to teach you as much as living from your higher self in the real world. When it comes to your connection to your higher self and your intuition, I found that the real world is the most effective classroom. (This ought to be good news for those of you who don't have the time or the resources to attend special workshops.)

To gain confidence in your intuition, you need to connect with your higher self, learn to distinguish your inner guidance from your mental conditionings and outer expectations, and then act on your inner guidance (your intuition) promptly and consistently. Because it is only after you follow through consistently and see the results of following through that you'll learn to have confidence in it.

One more thing: once you're clear about the process, it doesn't have to take a long time for you to see some results. I have seen people achieve amazing results and a greater confidence in their higher self's guidance (their intuition) in as little as one month.


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